Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit

About this event

Obtain a thorough understanding of crypto and blockchain technologies

Industry’s founders, leaders and experts explain the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, platforms, networks, technology importance as well as future expectations. Topics are covered in depth yet from a simple-to-understand perspective to ensure all audiences are up to speed.

Learn about various cryptocurrencies and their acceptance around the globe

Bitcoin is just one of the cryptocurrencies and platforms with tremendous potential to change the world. While Bitcoin grew roughly 1,700% in the past two years, others have grown over 20,000% and 40,000%. Members of the founding teams will discuss strengths and weaknesses of each technology as well as their acceptance and potential around the globe.

Understand the various risks associated with cryptocurrencies as well as how to protect against them

It is no secret that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have certain risks associated with them. Security experts discuss risks associated with creating accounts, platform risks, hot and cold storage risks, transaction risks as well as methods to secure and obtain insurance against them.

Gain insight into current and upcoming cryptocurrency regulations, taxation and government acceptance

As the acceptance landscape for cryptocurrencies changes across all governmental organizations around the globe – so does the opportunity for growth and investment. Field experts closely associated with various organizations including the White House, IRS and SEC discuss recent changes and expectations across the organizations.

Network with independent investors and managers

Meet and network with some of the leading investors and investment managers in the country. Panels, roundtables and various networking opportunities ensure that attendees have a chance to expand their networks, gain industry insight, and benefit from opportunities from their peers and successful investors.

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