3rd Annual Blockchain for Finance Conference, APAC

3rd Annual Blockchain for Finance Conference, APAC

About this event


Business Model
Analyse business strategies of FIs to understand which use cases have the strongest commercial benefit to enable you to make informed business decisions around the blockchain hype.

Beyond the Tech
Delve into non-technical challenges hindering wide-scale adoption including industry education, improved collaboration, legal concerns and regulatory uncertainty.

Asset Tokenisation – Spotlight on STOs
Explore the potential benefits of tokenisation of different assets, delving deeper into securities and why STOs are gaining the most traction​.

Blockchain Projects
​Hear insights from financial experts on the latest use cases in development with a focus on Trade Finance, Securities, Clearing and Settlement, Insurance, Payments and Digital Identity​​​​.



Hear from C-Level speakers representing the most influential financial institutions, IT and blockchain specialists as they share their insight on utilising blockchain and DLT to transform the landscape of FS.


Be part of the debate hearing senior financial and technical experts in interactive panel discussions tackling the most challenging topics in blockchain adoption.


Join 300+ senior delegates from innovation, IT, data, trade finance, payments and risk functions at Asia Pacific’s leading blockchain conference dedicated to financial services.


Visit the booths of our handpicked solution providers who have the technology and services to help enable your blockchain/DLT projects.  Build out your ecosystem of partners and build your network.


Take advantage of more intimate and interactive workshop sessions on the hottest topics currently in this space to get the answers you need from leading subject matter experts.

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