Earn Bitcoin on the newly launched Britevue

Britevue–the online review platform where you earn money (BSV) when others interact with the reviews you create–has officially launched! To commemorate the launch of Britevue, the Britevue team is giving its users some free Bitcoin for completing actions on the platform.

“By connecting to HandCash and answering our introductory survey, users are rewarded with ten cents to get started with the platform,” said Connor Murray the founder and CEO of Britevue.

“First-time users are encouraged to fill out the introductory survey and use the starter funds to review their favorite places in their hometown. All interactions with your review earns you money, so users are incentivized to submit as many honest and high-quality reviews as possible to generate a revenue stream.”

Submitting a review on Britevue costs a fraction of a penny ($.005 to be exact), and each time other users vote on your review, interact with your review, or leave you a tip, you will earn BSV. By incentivizing users to create honest reviews, Britevue has solved several of the most-pressing problems that the online-review space experiences.

Optimizing the online review market

The online review market is often unfair and dishonest in a way that does not give an accurate representation of a business or give consumers an incentive to leave reviews. Typically, consumers will only leave reviews when they absolutely love a location or have a terrible experience.

That being said, outside of enterprises paying for fake reviews of their goods and service, online reviews tend to capture two extremes since individuals typically don’t have a reason to leave a review unless they love or hate a location. However, Britevue fixes those problems and gives users the ability to monetize the data they create in the process.

“We are solving three problems in the online review space: the incentive problem, the verification problem, and the data ownership problem. We are doing this in phases: with our launch today we are targeting the incentive problem and data ownership problem for users,” said Murray.

“Until today there is very little incentive to leave reviews for businesses, but on Britevue, users own their content and earn a permanent revenue stream for every interaction with your review.”

How to get started

Britevue is live; you can sign up and start earning Bitcoin via Britevue today. To get started using Britevue, head over to the Britevue website, create an account, connect your HandCash wallet, and fill out the new user survey to earn some Bitcoin!

Afterward, you should begin creating reviews on the platform so that other users have an opportunity to interact with your content which will earn you Bitcoin. You should also explore the platform and look at the reviews others have created, especially if they are in the same city as you or a city you plan on visiting.

This is only phase one of the Britevue rollout, be on the look-out for the new features and capabilities that Britevue will have in the future.

“In our next phase, we will be targeting enterprises to tackle both the verification and data ownership problem for businesses. Using our Veritas API, companies will be able to sign into Britevue to access a business portal to manage their digital footprint,” said Murray.

“Today, third-party companies manage businesses’ digital identities and it is common for businesses to have to fight with these companies to remove fake reviews. We will be introducing mechanisms for businesses to link online reviews to valid proofs of purchase to eliminate the fake review problem across the internet.”

If you are a business owner looking to pilot the Britevue business portal, you can reach out to the Britevue team at [email protected] to be one of the first to utilize the business dashboard.

If you are a consumer with any questions or feedback about Britevue, you can reach out to the Britevue team at  [email protected].

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