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Dave Mullen-Muhr: There is just so much opportunity

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If you believed in the potential of Bitcoin SV, what would you do? You might set up a venture capital and hedge fund to invest in BSV startups because you thought they had such great prospects. And if that wasn’t enough, you might try to get into transaction processing with your own Bitcoin node infrastructure. That’s what exactly what Dave Mullen-Muhr, of Unbounded Capital and Unbounded Enterprise, is doing.

On this week’s episode of Coingeek Conversations, Charles Miller talks to Dave about the Unbounded brand and the book he co-authored with his business partner, Jackson Laskey, How Bitcoin SV Will Win.

What are Unbounded Capital and Unbounded Enterprise?

Unlike Unbounded Capital a finance company that invests in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, Unbounded Enterprise now takes the business a step further. “There is just so much opportunity, that’s what really it all comes down to. We were watching everything being built and we figured we can do more than just invest in companies,” Dave says.

With Unbounded Enterprise they will help businesses move from idea to execution by making it easy to integrate with Bitcoin SV.

Unbounded Capital and Unbounded Enterprise share the same goal. That is, to drive the adoption of Bitcoin SV and help push the blockchain space forward. One way of doing that is by making it easy for enterprises to implement the technology into their business.

As Dave explains, Bitcoin is unbounded but there are still some limits in place – particularly in implementing the various technologies that are available but not always easy to use: “we want to remove those limits.”

How Bitcoin SV Will Win

The ebook that Dave co-authored with his business partner Jackson Laskey, How Bitcoin SV Will Win: Why the Cryptocurrency Consensus is Wrong, is described on Amazon as “a comprehensive explanation of where the cryptocurrency industry currently is, why it is there, and why it is so at odds with Unbounded Capital’s vision of Bitcoin.” The book started as a collection of blog posts by both authors while on a year’s journey learning about Bitcoin. Dave says the book is a way of reframing people’s ideas about Bitcoin to enable its readers to look towards what he calls a “hyper efficient network that offers a fundamentally new toolset for business.”

As Dave says, there are parallels with the emergence of the Internet:

“When you give people tools, they’re going to build and they’re going to find a way to generate value from those tools. We’ve had this amazing toolset since when I was born, which is the Internet. And [Bitcoin SV] is a huge upgrade to that toolset, that now we can transact in tiny payments. We can have really, really highly interoperable data paradigms. And we can have data ownership. I think entrepreneurs are going to use these tools and the new wave of innovation will be similar to what we saw in the nineties and early two thousands.”

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