CryptoFights announces second round of investment from Calvin Ayre

CryptoFights announces second round of investment from Calvin Ayre

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CryptoFights, the fighting game built for the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, may be looking very impressive behind the scenes as it’s helped bring in new investment for its developers. Kronoverse have announced a second investment from BSV ambassador and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre.

In the press release announcing the investment, the amount of the investment is not disclosed, but the ways CryptoFights is expected to make innovative use of the BSV blockchain is. It will take advantage of the blockchain’s networking layer to record online battles using digital signatures, and allow them to be audited and replayed forever into the future.

In explaining why they continue to choose the BSV blockchain for their data needs, the announcement made clear that the amount of data that will needed to be recorded by Cryptofights will be huge. To store all of that centrally would be very expensive, while no blockchain other than BSV offered the massive scaling necessary to accomplish the job. Kronoverse Chief Architect David Case explained:

There are CryptoFights games happening all day every day and that is a lot of data to store which is why BSV is the best solution for us and really anybody who needs immutable storage of huge swathes of data. To have this increased support from Calvin allows us to not only expand our product offering but also showcase what the BSV chain can do for any business.

For his part, Calvin Ayre noted that he believes in Kronoverse because he sees the potential in his work. “eSports has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years and there is no sign of that abating any time soon and so the additional investment makes total sense,” he noted. “Any businesses wanting to understand why BSV is the chain that scales and offers real usage right now should come along to our conference in Seoul on October 1st & 2nd, it’ll open your eyes to what blockchain technology can really do.”

If you’re excited to try out CryptoFights for yourself, the team recently announced they would begin open beta testing in December, and outlined how their game will work when it releases. Check out their video here:

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