Crypto trader in Norway jumps off building to protect stash

Crypto trader in Norway jumps off building to protect stash

A cryptocurrency trader in Oslo, Norway, decided he’d rather jump from a two-storey building than give up his stash, a report has revealed. The trader, whose identity has been withheld, has been very open about his crypto wealth and, as can be expected, the wrong people took notice. When one of them knocked on his door demanding a piece of his crypto pie, the trader decided to jump from his balcony.

The report by Norwegian outlet TV2 revealed that the man had been flaunting the wealth from his crypto trading activities for quite some time now. As it turned out, some of the people who took notice were ill-intentioned. Citing the details of an ongoing court proceeding, the report revealed that the trader was attacked in his home on May 14.

The alleged attacker made his way to the trader’s door and issued the instruction, “Lie down or I’ll shoot.”

However, the attacker was shocked by what happened next. The trader ran to the balcony and jumped from the two-storey building to protect his crypto holdings. The court documents didn’t indicate whether he sustained any serious injuries from the jump. His legal team declined to provide any further details to further protect the man.

The trader had made quite a fortune from his crypto activities. The report indicates that he had been involved in crypto trading for a decade and that a crypto company he owned was worth more than NOK 100 million ($11.15 million).

The alleged attacker’s legal team denied the charges but declined from providing any further details on the case as it’s still ongoing. The court proceedings will commence on October 17.

The incident isn’t isolated, with crypto traders across the globe becoming targets of vicious attacks from criminals who seek their digital holdings.

In February, a gang allegedly broke into a crypto trader’s house in the Netherlands and tortured him for over an hour with a heavy drill, all while his four-year-old daughter watched. The police at the time withheld details of the crime as investigations were ongoing. However, they did reveal that the robbers didn’t manage to steal the victim’s crypto.

Last year, a Swedish man was arrested after he allegedly stabbed a Norwegian crypto trader to death. The two had just concluded an in-person crypto transaction in the victim’s apartment in Oslo. Police believed that it was a crypto deal gone wrong.

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