Crypto market daily report – June 11, 2019

Crypto market daily report – March 7, 2019

The cryptocurrency markets continued on a stable footing on Thursday at press time with most coins maintaining their previous gains or increasing slightly. The only outlier was Binance Coin (BNB), which continued reaching new highs for 2019 and at press time on Thursday was trading at around $15.10 or and increase of 13% over a 24-hour period. Bitcoin Core (BTC) appeared strong at the $3,870 level and a further push towards the $4,000 mark could be on the horizon.

Ethereum (ETH) was stable at the $137 level or an increase of 0.5%, whilst EOS was up by a similar amount to the $3.75 mark. Another outlier was Litecoin (LTC) which was up by 6% or to the $55 mark – a new high for 2019. This coin is up almost 35% from the beginning of the year when it had even dipped below the $30 level at one point. From coins with larger market caps, Ripple (XRP) remained relatively stable at the $0.317 level.

Coins with smaller market caps were also quite stable although most saw small gains. NEO was up by 1% to the $8.75 level, whilst Ethereum Classic (ETC) had a more reasonable 2% increase to the $4.34 mark. Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) was static at the $131 mark, while Bitcoin SV (BSV) remained at the $66 level where it seems to have settled over the past few days. Other coins such as BAT and ZRX saw minor increases, whilst ONT was up by an impressive 5.5% to the $0.95 mark. Stellar (XLM) was static at the $0.085 level whilst ICX was up by around 2%.

Other currencies also showed small movements either way with IOTA stable at the $0.27 level, whilst HOT and WAVES saw a small decline of around 2% each. QTUM was up by 1% to the $2.06 level, whilst TRON and BTT went opposing ways with the former declining by 1% and the latter going the opposite direction by the same margin.

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