Crypto market daily report – June 11, 2019

Crypto market daily report – February 14, 2019

The markets were once again quite staid over the past 24 hours with very little notable movement apart from a couple of currencies. Bitcoin Core (BTC) remained static at $3,611—a minimal 0.1% decrease, whilst Ether (ETH) was also static at $122 which represented the same level of movement. The Constantinople hard fork scheduled for the end of the month does not seem to be having any effect on the price, although there has been a considerable increase in the past weeks.

Litecoin (LTC) initially dropped by around 6% to give up most of the gains registered in the past days, where the price had initially rocketed to $44 after dropping to $40 but was trading at the $41 level at press time on Thursday. EOS, TRON and NEO registered significant losses over the past 24 hours, where each dropped by between 3 and 4% giving up most of the gains made over the past days.

Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) was relatively static at the $122 mark, although this is a relatively miserable pricing level after having been well over the $200 mark at the beginning of the year. The coin has been steadily losing its value in the past weeks, although it is still a bit off its all-time low of around $75 registered in December. Bitcoin SV (BSV) was also relatively static, although it dropped by around 2% at press time to settle at around the $64 mark.

During this price crunch, NEM [XEM] has emerged as the surprise winner, rising at a rate of 6.5%. The cryptocurrency which was in the news earlier due to various announcements from the Foundation’s side certainly saw positivity in this respect.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was the only coin in positive territory over the past 24 hours where it rose by around 4% to the $4.10 mark. Cardano was down by 2% to the $0.04 mark, whilst Stellar lost another 1% to another low of $0.075. Ripple (XRP) retained the $0.30 where it seems to have stabilized, whilst Binance Coin gave up some of its gains to settle at the $8.89 level or a drop of 3%. IOTA was relatively stable at the $0.27 level, whilst WAVES saw a drop of 4% to the $2.68 level.

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