Crypto effort underway to rebuild Notre Dame

The Notre Dame cathedral fire on April 15 shocked the world, especially given that it happened Easter week. There has already been a large number of individuals who have pledged support to rebuild the 12th-century complex and the cryptocurrency community is getting involved, as well.

One of the initiatives to gather crypto contributions was started by Gregory Raymond, a French Bitcoin podcaster. He set up a Bitcoin Core (BTC) address on Tuesday which has already received 16 transactions, exclaiming, “Hey bitcoiners, let’s prove to the [French] authorities Bitcoin can be an amazing way to send funds quickly, without border (sic) and for a good cause[.]” While the amount contributed through the address is not that substantial, amounting to only around $183, it’s a start and more donations will certainly roll in. 

Raymond also points out that a philanthropic cause as important as the rebuilding of Notre Dame could also show the world that crypto is good for much more than criminal activity, which is often the position taken by regulators and those who don’t understand the space.

Raymond’s initiative has received calls of support, with some indicating that the wallet should be turned into a multi-signature address. French ground Le Cercle du Coin (The Coin Circle), responded to his tweet, stating (translated from the original French), “The Coin Circle will support the approach of Gregory Raymond. A multi-signature address will be put in place to give more guarantee to donors. We communicate very quickly.”

That address is in place and has received seven transactions for a total of around $270. It is controlled by Raymond, Coin Circle and another French crypto enthusiast, David Prinçay. 

Notre Dame was the most-visited tourist destination in all of Europe, according to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is an iconic facility that has stood above Paris for 600 years, watching as kings (and one emperor) were crowned and wars were fought. It is a symbol of France and the countrymen’s persistence and deserves to be restored to its former glory.

Not everyone thinks that they need to contribute to the restoration. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated, “I’m sure that President Macron is able to deal with this as is the Catholic Church and, if individual Australians want to do something, well, it’s a free country – they can do whatever they like.”

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