Cryptartica now accepting BSV

Cryptartica now accepting Bitcoin SV

Cryptartica, the UK-based design platform that allows designers of customized products to be paid in cryptocurrency, has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a form of payment. The site has accepted Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) since its inauguration, but has come to the realization that it needed to provide support for BSV in recognition of the importance of the BSV community.

In a blog post on the company’s website, Cryptartica explains, “As many of you know, we already accepted Bitcoin Cash, but with the split back in November and seeing our community divided in half, we had to take some time to decide our heading.

“We’ve decided that accepting both is the best course of action for us and our customers, and we are looking to resume from where we left off in 2018.”

Despite the inclusion of BSV, there is still an obstacle when someone wants to pay in BCH, but the artist wants to be paid in BSV. In those cases, Cryptartica indicates that only BCHABC will be allowed, explaining, “[Transacting only in BCHABC] has no impact on our customers and it requires smaller development effort compared to the first option. More importantly, our artists will be able to quickly exchange their funds on services such as Shapeshift, Changelly and CoinEx. This is the most frictionless option.”

The first option referenced in the explanation would have allowed a customer to pay in BCHABC, which would have been converted to BSV by Cryptartica.

Freelancers on the site design their work and get paid by the customer when the product is purchased. Payment is made through Cryptartica, which keeps a small cut to cover its fees. Cryptartica is described as a “print-on-demand” site that allows individuals to “create and sell” customized products—t-shirts, ball caps, etc. Earnings are all paid in cryptocurrency and users can create and sell products for free—charges are only applied when products are purchased. 

By embracing BSV, Cryptartica has most likely realized that it had alienated a portion of its customer base, that group that has been supporting the ideal that the original design of Bitcoin needs to live on. Only BSV is able to ensure that the original BTC succeeds as a digital peer-to-peer currency, the way it was intended, and can develop an ecosystem that adheres to all of the original Bitcoin principles and properties.

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