Craig Wright weighs in on capitalism and abundance of work

Work is infinite. So is free will, which is part of the reason there is unemployment—some people simply choose, especially in the West, not to embrace a change that would allow them to be employed, whether that change be relocation or furthering their education to have alternatives. Dr. Craig Wright breaks down work and societies in a new blog post, Work Is Infinite.

As Wright asserts, “In a capitalist society, unemployment occurs when people don’t want to take up a role they should take up, or when they don’t want to accept that they may not earn as much. The lie that you have been fed concerning capitalism is that capitalism is about the capitalist. It isn’t.”

Further explaining his stance, the Bitcoin proponent and nChain chief scientist states that capitalism is about the entrepreneur, about the individual. Capitalism is about investments, whether they be monetary or even time or work. Wright asks, “It always comes down to a trade-off: Are you willing to work for what is being offered? Is the work being applied correctly and where it brings the most benefit? Are you wasting effort?”

People struggle answering those questions constantly and this is part of where capitalism receives benefits. It’s a fluid system that is constantly changing based on the wants and desires of the individuals, but one that works within set parameters and rules. Wright further adds that there will never be a shortage or work or a shortage of goods, which will continue to drive capitalism.

“In every city, jobs exist that nobody wants to do.” This, again, comes down to choice—choosing to either work, even if in an inferior position, or to stay home and do nothing. Education opportunities exist everywhere—libraries, online, etc. Yet, choosing to not take advantage of them is choosing to participate in a capitalistic society. Wright explains, “In the West, nobody is restricted from education. You may say otherwise, but the reality is that every hour of watching reality TV, taking Instagram pictures, or checking Facebook updates is an hour that could be spent bettering oneself. With the availability of free education, with libraries and, more importantly, online access to some of the most challenging works in human history for no cost, the only excuse is one that lies with oneself.”

The world is a better place now than it was 100, 1,000 and even 10,000 years ago. Poverty levels are lower than ever before and global healthcare and quality of life are on the rise, as well. As Wright puts it, “the true solution to all our problems is to do what we have been doing for the last 10,000 years: to remain human.”

Read Dr. Craig Wright’s latest Medium post, Work is Infinite…, here.

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