Constellation partners with US Air Force

Constellation partners with US Air Force to tackle big data

Blockchain-based big data startup Constellation Networks has signed a working contract with the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to apply blockchain technology to unlock siloed and non-accessible data. The partnership will enable the merging of legacy systems data with existing cloud infrastructure data.

Announcing the partnership, USAF stated that the partnership will help it “streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead.” The Small Business Research Innovation Research is a program that encourages small local businesses to engage in research and development of technology that has the potential for commercialization.

The partnership is a match at the right time, the VP of Business Development at Constellation stated. This is because “USAF has a multitude of data sources like drones, planes, and satellites that need to be secured. Clean and consolidated data that can be queried instantly is a big need within the defense apparatus.”

The collection, storage and analysis of data have continued to be a tedious and costly process for many companies, USAF included. The process becomes even costlier when it’s across domain and sectors. Now, using Constellation’s blockchain platform, USAF’s data channels will be securely encrypted, with audit trails and a live overview of the status of any data source.

Big data has become one of the hottest industries in the new era where data is the new oil. However, securing this data has been one of the biggest challenges. Blockchain technology has been hailed as the most secure network, leading many big data companies and users to turn to the technology. Governments have also commissioned the use of blockchain to secure big data, such as China which did so last year.

The San Francisco-based Constellation will bring the benefits of blockchain technology to not only USAF, but other companies as well. The company’s CEO Benjamin Jorgensen commented, “Every organization has big data needs and challenges. This is just the first of a series of in-depth partnerships with commercial and government entities to deliver fully integrated and productized blockchain solutions.”

The U.S. Air Force also recently announced another blockchain partnership with Simba Chain to manage the logistics of deployed forces in a secure on-chain environment. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Simba Chain will enable the USAF to maintain the integrity and security of highly-sensitive data.

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