Commemorative silver coins to mark the mining of the genesis Bitcoin block

Commemorative silver coins to mark the mining of the genesis Bitcoin block

21 coins to be auctioned in Bitcoin SV; the original Bitcoin

A total of 42 coins will be made with 21 being auctioned and 1 being donated to a member of the Bitcoin community who has protected the original Sathosi Vision of Bitcoin. One further coin will be privately couriered to The Royal Mint, who supply the UK and 60 other countries with their official coins, as a free donation to their Royal Mint Experience.

The ~60gm silver coins will be tokenized to hold provenance information on Bitcoin as each coin is also uniquely identifiable. The capsule located in the centre of each coin stores a suspension that includes DNA encoding the complete 285 bytes that comprise the genesis block.

Of the visible symbols on each coin:

• The perimeter bears the name of the white paper “BITCOIN: A PEER-TO-PEER ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM. SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. 999 SILVER” in addition to the timeline “2009-2019”

• On the rear side are 12 squared spirals, each representing a miner. Each miner is connected, showing a small world graph; the core of Bitcoin network. The network of miners protect the blockchain which is represented by an ouroboros (snake eating its own tail, representing the infinity of human economic interactions, or transactions)

• On the centre of the coin is an oval, representing the genesis block, from which the entire blockchain starts until it reaches the ouroboros

The auction of the 21 coins will take place from January 12th to February 2nd.

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