CoinGeek Live Conference (September 30 – October 2) set for several Bitcoin SV product announcements

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September 29, 2020 – This week’s CoinGeek Live, the three-day blockchain conference broadcasting live from New York and London (September 30 – October 2), is set to be a major source of blockchain and Bitcoin industry news.  Reflecting rapid development on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, several companies are slated to use the conference to make major announcements, unveil new product and service offerings, as well as provide further detail on recently revealed news.

Companies confirmed to be making announcements at CoinGeek Live include:

Omniscape – CoinGeek Live will serve as the world’s introduction to Omniscape, an Experiential Reality (XR) platform that combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, while also integrating location and blockchain-based features.  For conference attendees, Omniscape technology will power an AR experience involving Bitcoin SV-based tokens, with more information on the expanded vision for the XR Metaverse set to be revealed during CoinGeek Live.

– Robert Rice, Founder and CEO of Transmira Inc. (Omniscape) is scheduled to present XR (Experiential Reality) Applications: Greater Power with Bitcoin SV on the first day of the conference (September 30, 9:50-10:15am EDT).

HandCash & Centi – leading digital asset wallet, HandCash, and Bitcoin SV payments infrastructure provider, Centi, recently collaborated on the development of a new payments handshake protocol. Working with existing infrastructure, this will make it easier for merchants to accept BSV payments at the point of sale – an initiative set to be discussed in a pair of sessions at CoinGeek Live.

Bernhard Müller, General Manager and Chairman of Centi, will appear on The Future of Banking, Financial Products & Blockchain panel on the first day of the conference (September 30, 12:05-12:45 pm EDT).

Alex Agut, CEO of HandCash, and Raja Jiménez Seibane, CTO of Handcash, will both join CoinGeek Live host Jimmy Nguyen for a discussion centred on Making Bitcoin Easy to Use for Everyone on the third day of the conference (October 2, 9:05-9:25 am EDT).

Zumo – Edinburgh-based fintech Zumo, a digital asset wallet and payments platform, are set to unveil fresh information about their new Bitcoin SV-integrated product offerings at CoinGeek Live. Zumo will introduce Bitcoin SV support to its ZumoKit, the company’s software development kit for its digital currency/fiat wallet architecture.

– Nick Jones, Founder and CEO of Zumo, will speak on the Better Payments: Improving the Consumer Experience with Bitcoin panel on the first day of the conference (September 30, 10:25-11:05 am EDT).

BSaV – Decentralised Finance (DeFi) products are coming to Bitcoin SV through BSaV, a new product introduced by team that started The White Company. BSaV have introduced an interest-bearing depository product, as well as a BSV-based loan facility as part of several new service offerings set to be discussed at CoinGeek Live.

– Edgar White, Director of The White Company, will appear on The Future of Banking, Financial Products & Blockchain panel on the first day of the conference (September 30, 12:05-12:45 pm EDT).

Maxthon and NBdomain – The company behind one of the world’s best used internet browsers, fresh from a recent beta release which initiated several Bitcoin SV blockchain-based features, is set to provide an update about the browser development.  Maxthon’s founder will also make a pair of announcements related to the new product offering of his other company NBdomain – a Bitcoin-based decentralised domain system.

– Jeff Chen, Founder and CEO of Maxthon, will give a keynote address New Browsers & Domain Systems for a Bitcoin SV-Powered Internet on the second day of the conference (October 1, 7:35-7:55 am EDT).

TonicPow – Peer-to-peer digital advertising service, TonicPow, are due to discuss a range of new features set to be introduced to its platform as part of a major update.  Using Bitcoin SV micropayments, this energetic company seeks to re-invent the Internet’s approach to digital advertising in a way that rewards consumers and creates better return on investment for advertisers.

– Luke Rohenaz, CEO of TonicPow, will appear on the Re-Invent the Internet: New Models for Digital Media & User Content panel on the second day of the conference (October 1, 7:55-8:40 am EDT).

KronoverseBlockchain esports business Kronoverse, developers of the Kronoverse platform and the Bitcoin SV-based competitive strategy game CryptoFights, will discuss the recently released open beta of CryptoFights, as well as a new set of features and improvements the team plan to introduce in response to feedback from early-testers of the game.

– Adam Kling, CEO of Kronoverse, will appear on the eSports & Advantages of a Massively Scalable Blockchain panel on the third day of the conference (October 2, 9:25-10:05 am EDT).

To see these announcements and more, join us September 30 – October 2 for CoinGeek Live – a virtual conference focused on the enterprise power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain – broadcasting live from studios in New York and London. It’s free to attend, but places are limited and you must be registered. Visit for more information.

CoinGeek Live is sponsored by The Bayesian Group, Bitcoin Association, Cozen O’Connor P.C., EHR Data, NBdomain, nChain, TAAL and Omniscape.

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