CoinGeek blockchain conference to be awarded Continuous Professional Development status

LONDON, August 19, 2021 – For the first time, anyone wanting to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain technology and obtain a recognized accreditation can do so by attending CoinGeek Conferences. With blockchain technology disrupting a multitude of industries, blockchain knowledge is increasingly becoming a sought-after skill in many companies. Attendees can now earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD)/Continuing Education (CE) certificates.

CoinGeek is the authority on blockchain technology, with a focus on the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) ecosystem. Providing timely news and two conferences a year covering the latest developments in the industry and features the brightest and most creative minds in the community to give you the best insights on the current state and direction of the blockchain technology.

The next CoinGeek Conference will take place this October 5-7 both in-person in New York City and broadcast virtually. Attendees who register and join any of the three days of presentations and panels will earn credit towards their professional development. Registration to attend can be made via the conference website.

As the first conference of its kind to receive this type of formal accreditation, CoinGeek Conferences further strengthens its reputation as the leading platform for professionals to learn about blockchain technology. For those new to the sector or just curious to understand more about blockchain, attending these conferences either in-person or virtually offers the benefit of earning up to eight hours of CPD per day.

How CoinGeek Conference can meet your CPD/CE requirements:

Attendees can join sessions to lean how blockchain technology can be incorporated into supply chain to improve global traceability or hear from innovative start-ups utilizing smart contracts and microtransactions to create entirely new business models for MarTech. Accountants and those in Financial Services will lean how the immutability of blockchain can facilitate triple ledger accounting practices, and those in FinTech will learn how a blockchain that scales allows for data to be stored, accessed and utilized in ways not possible on other blockchains that don’t scale or where transaction fees are too high.

Previous CoinGeek Conferences can be viewed for free; replays available. Please join us in person or virtually to discover how the BSV blockchain’s unbounded scaling can support business, consumer and government uses with low fee data applications and micropayments.

New to blockchain? Check out CoinGeek’s Blockchain for Beginners section, the ultimate resource guide to learn more about blockchain technology.