Cloudflare outage affects crypto exchanges like Coinbase and HitBTC

American network services provider Cloudflare recently experienced an outage that affected several major cryptocurrency exchanges. Among those affected were America’s largest crypto exchange Coinbase, Hong Kong-based HitBTC and Indian-based WazirX.

Coinbase was among the first to report the outage, updating its status site to indicate that was unavailable. The exchange tweeted that it was investigating the issue.

Shortly after, Coinbase reported that the site was back up again. It added, “There may be some lingering intermittent issues. We’ll monitor and work to resolve anything that pops up.”

Indian crypto exchange WazirX also reported access issues, both on its website and mobile apps. “While investigating, we found out there’s a problem with one of our infrastructure service providers. The outage has affected many websites around the world,” the exchange tweeted.

Hong Kong-based exchange HitBTC was also among those affected. The exchange assured its users that it was working to resolve the issue, stating that “half the internet is experiencing the same issues since the cloudflare and many internet routes appear to be down.”

Cloudflare recognized the challenge on its status website, revealing that it had “identified a possible route leak impacting some Cloudflare IP ranges” and that it was working with the network involved to resolve this. It declined from disclosing the specific network.

An hour later, the company revealed that it had resolved the glitch. In an update, it stated, “The network responsible for the route leak has now fixed the issue. We are seeing improvement and are continuing to monitor this before we consider this issue resolved.”

The crypto exchanges affected by the outage have all resumed normal operations.

Based in San Francisco, Cloudflare provides content delivery network services, internet security, DDoS mitigation and other related services. The company has the highest number of connections to Internet exchange points of any network worldwide. It provides DNS services to over 12 million clients and boasts of adding 20,000 new clients every day.

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