ClassifiedSV makes it easy to sell/buy anything using BSV

ClassifiedSV makes it easy to sell/buy anything using BSV

You want to hire a freelancer to do some work and find the perfect candidate, but he lives in another country. You want to put your Pokemon card collection up for sale and need the cash fast, but bank transfers will only slow the sale down and eat into the profits. These real-world scenarios are perfect examples of where cryptocurrency excels, and a new online platform that facilitates transactions of virtually any kind make it easy. ClassifiedSV, also known as “5¢ Space,” takes the power of Bitcoin SV (BSV) to allow individuals to buy and sell their goods and services, as well as promote events and much more.

According to the website, “5¢ space is a Metanet inspired classified ad board where users can buy, sell and trade.” It was just launched last month, offering community-free listings and a PayPal payment gateway. However, understanding the true value of BSV, it is replacing PayPal and its associated high fees with a BSV payment gateway, helping users save a considerable amount of money on their transactions.

The site offers a marketplace for buying and selling goods, offering technical support and creative services, announcing events, digital real estate and much more. Because it is using BSV as the currency, it is a true global marketplace that can connect individuals from anywhere in the world. Incorporating the Money Button, a simple method for making BSV payments, allows users to post their ads for just $0.05 a day at a minimum of 20 days.

ClassifiedSV explains, “Each 5cent ad allows you to upload 3 high-resolution featured images for your listing slider. In the ad body, you are only limited by your imagination. Each 5cent ad allows for unlimited text and photos, you can even embed videos or any iframe element such as Soundcloud, Vimeo or Youtube.”

Once registered with the site, the ad owner receives access to a personal dashboard that allows him or her to make edits to the ad, check for received interest and offer responses to inquiries. Payments are only required for certain categories – announcements, for example, are allowed to be posted on community boards for free for up to three months. This covers free items, general entertainment, wanted ads, volunteer ads and lost and found.

The site is currently hosted on a WordPress-based database, but this was only to get the ball rolling. All information – payments, data transactions, listings – are going to be migrated to the BSV blockchain with a Money Button or HandCash identity solution. As BSV has already been found to be able to handle large block sizes, ClassifiedSV is the perfect example of what the BSV blockchain can offer consumers.

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