China’s Blockchain Service Network opens calls for public network integrations

The Blockchain-based Service Network has issued an open call for public blockchains to integrate with the network, in a move that could lead to more widespread interoperability with the network.

The Chinese state-backed blockchain platform made the call via an announcement on Medium, where it said it would prioritize public blockchains that focus on Dapp development, as well as those with strong developer communities working on scalable, real world applications of the technology.

In the Medium post, BSN appealed to those that fit the bill to get in touch.

“BSN International is opening a call for the next round of public chain integrations. We want to prioritize the public chains that focus on Dapp development and have robust developer communities working on scaled, real-world application use cases.”

“If you are responsible for a public chain framework that fits these characteristics and have a desire to integrate with one of the largest and fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems in the world, please send us a note at: [email protected].”

Describing the network as “global public infrastructure,” the post says BSN has already announced integrations with a number of public blockchains.

“The BSN is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, and cross-chain global public infrastructure used to deploy and operate all types of blockchain dApps regardless of their infrastructure and framework choices.”

“The BSN is working on developing interoperability with the top public/permissionless blockchain ecosystems in the world, and has already announced integrations with some of the top public chains such as Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, Neo, Nervos and IRISnet.”

The open call is expected to identify more prospective partners for BSN, which would provide access to the BSN global framework.

This would allow for greater deployment of distributed apps, irrespective of infrastructure and development frameworks.

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