We at CoinGeek take great pride in encouraging organisations to take on Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a further payment system and there is no exception when it comes to helping charities; opening these doors allows charities to find new funding opportunities.

So far, we have helped the following charities in accepting BSV and as a thank you, we have also made a donation to them using BSV .

If you are a charity and would also like help, please contact us

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Press Releases 12 April 2021

Bitcoin Association announces Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 for May 15-16

The weekend-long virtual event is free to attend and will feature leaders from across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem teaching sessions that have been designed to educate and upskill developers interested in working with the Bitcoin SV blockchain and data network.

Tech 12 April 2021

The most difficult thing about learning to program is…

The token explosion in BSV and increased interest is a bullish sign for those wanting to build on Bitcoin, but the reality is there is still a huge gap between those who have ideas and those who can make them happen.