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CERTIHASH appoints cybersecurity executive Sean Coleman as strategic advisor

Seasoned cybersecurity executive Sean Coleman joins CERTIHASH, enhancing the company’s strategic direction and cybersecurity expertise.

Sean’s proven leadership and expertise in both cybersecurity and blockchain technology align perfectly with CERTIHASH’s mission to revolutionize data security. — Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founder of CERTIHASH.

West Ossipee, New Hampshire, United States, 28 May 2024CERTIHASH, a leading provider of innovative blockchain-powered cybersecurity solutions, announced today the appointment of Sean Coleman, a prominent figure in the cybersecurity and blockchain space, as Strategic Advisor. Sean brings over 20 years of distinguished experience helping organizations safeguard their data across all verticals. His deep industry knowledge and strategic vision will be instrumental in solidifying CERTIHASH’s position as the premier platform for blockchain-enabled cybersecurity.

“Sean’s proven leadership and expertise in both cybersecurity and blockchain technology align perfectly with CERTIHASH’s mission to revolutionize data security,” said Bryan Doherty, Co-Founder of CERTIHASH. “We are confident that his strategic guidance will propel CERTIHASH to the forefront of the industry, empowering organizations to build a more secure future.”

Strategic Focus on Growth and Innovation

In his role as Strategic Advisor, Sean will focus on three key areas to propel CERTIHASH’s growth and industry leadership:

  • Championing Sentinel Node – Sean will spearhead the market adoption of CERTIHASH’s first-mover solution, Sentinel Node. This next-generation cybersecurity detection and assurance tool, built in collaboration with IBM, delivers instant file integrity and change monitoring. Sean will leverage his extensive network to position Sentinel Node as the go-to solution for organizations seeking unparalleled data security and peace of mind.
  • Securing Investment for Continued Innovation – Sean will play a pivotal role in securing strategic investments to fuel the ongoing development of Sentinel Node and the creation of additional modules for the CERTIHASH platform. This will solidify CERTIHASH’s position as a comprehensive blockchain-powered cybersecurity suite.
  • Unlocking the Power of Blockchain Infrastructure – Sean will be a vocal advocate for the transformative potential of blockchain technology in cybersecurity. He will champion the benefits of blockchain’s inherent advantages – speed, scalability, and immutability – highlighting how blockchain can revolutionize data security and become a fundamental building block for secure future business practices.

“I am deeply impressed by CERTIHASH’s commitment to cybersecurity through innovative blockchain solutions,” said Sean. “”The beauty of blockchain technology lies in its ability to make cybersecurity not just faster and more effective, but fundamentally more affordable,” says Sean. “In cybersecurity, where budgets are often stretched thin and senior leaders are asked to do more with less, this is a game-changer. By leveraging the inherent efficiencies and immutability of blockchain, CERTIHASH offers a path towards a future where robust data and identity security is cost-effective for organizations of all sizes”.

Sean brings a wealth of experience and expertise to CERTIHASH, including:

  • Deep Cybersecurity and Blockchain Knowledge – Sean possesses a comprehensive understanding of both cybersecurity and blockchain technology, allowing him to translate complex concepts into actionable security strategies.
  • Proven Track Record in Client Relationship Management – Over 20+ years, Sean has cultivated strong relationships within the global cybersecurity ecosystem, expanding CERTIHASH’s reach and fostering strategic partnerships.
  • Client-Centric Approach – Sean prioritizes a deep understanding of client challenges, deadlines, and budgets. This ensures CERTIHASH delivers the most effective solutions for each organization’s unique security needs.


CERTIHASH is a leading cybersecurity company pioneering the use of blockchain technology to deliver next-generation data security solutions. Their flagship product, Sentinel Node, co-developed with IBM, provides real-time file integrity monitoring and breach detection. CERTIHASH is committed to developing a comprehensive suite of blockchain-powered security tools designed to empower organizations with faster, more affordable, and more secure data protection.

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