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Centi to enable payments for unbanked and micropayments at London Blockchain Conference 2024

Stablecoins were a huge topic of discussion in 2023, and their popularity amongst consumers, merchants, governments, and beyond continues into 2024. The same goes for micropayments, an area of e-commerce that is projected to grow exponentially as the tools become readily available to consumers.

Zurich-based Centi is a payment technology company using BSV blockchain to provide a multi-lateral experience and real-world solutions, making them much more than just another payment option.

Last year at the London Blockchain Conference, Centi’s General Manager and Chairman Bernhard Müller unveiled their Swiss Bank guaranteed stablecoin, allowing for drastically reduced transaction fees and greatly increased trust. The stablecoin can be bought and redeemed from the Centi app and has many use cases such as micropayments, single article readership, event tickets, souvenirs, banking the unbanked, and more.

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As we lead up to the London Blockchain Conference 2024, Müller looks forward to demonstrating their latest payment solutions and sharing several updates with attendees.

Centi has shown significant revenue growth since the last London conference and has been able to extend its offering, including more currencies and features. Further, we are close to finishing the first remittances implementation, which we announced last year and will showcase this year,” he confirmed.

“We will be presenting on two topics: 1. Building a Superapp for the unbanked, 2. Micropayments applications. Of course, we are ready to show attendees much more about Centi at our DApp stand,” Müller added.

In addition to presenting and exhibiting at the London Blockchain Conference 2024, Müller looks forward to meeting fellow industry leaders, connecting with old friends, and getting to know new friends, business partners, clients, and investors.

When asked what we can expect from Centi over the next 12 months and beyond, Müller expressed his hesitation in making announcements before they are fully materialized, but gave us a bit of a “sneak peak” into the future.

I will say that we are very excited about a project involving access to make payments literally everywhere for unbanked and underbanked people (and everyone else, of course also),” he shared.

Müller also invited everyone to check out the Centi App, their business and consumer apps, and Centi homepages, as well as the Centi LinkedInX (formerly Twitter) and YouTube profiles.

If you want to hear more from Müller and other industry-leading professionals in the blockchain and future-tech space, be sure to register for your London Blockchain Conference 2024 pass online. We look forward to seeing you there!

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