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Calvin Ayre: The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is like Woodstock for those in the industry

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The upcoming BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai from May 24 to 26 will be an important event for anyone with a “sense of history,” says Calvin Ayre, founder of Ayre Ventures and CoinGeek. 

“It’s like Woodstock coming to these conferences, that’s how influential this technology is going to be and it’s going to change so many things,” says Calvin. 

While attendees of the Convention might be dressed in suits rather than flares and sunglasses, the comparison to the iconic, late 60s counterculture festival, will resonate for those in the Bitcoin SV space who understand how revolutionary the technology could be.

Calvin is particularly excited about links between Bitcoin SV companies and big consultancy firms like IBM Consulting, which has recently been developing Sentinel Node in association with CertiHash

“I hope we educate these big consulting companies so that they understand what this technology can do so they in fact become evangelists for us when they are brought in to solve technical problems in big data,” he said. 

Another organisation that Calvin is pleased to see teaming up with the Bitcoin SV community is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)—the world’s largest association of technical professionals.

This connection came about when Latif Ladid, founder, and president of the IPv6 Forum and an IEEE influencer, came across Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright’s blog after reading about his victory in the Kleiman v. Wright trial in Miami last autumn. 

When Latif learnt that Bitcoin SV had been built to integrate IPv6, the most recent version of the internet protocol, he reached out directly to Dr. Wright, who has now become a keynote speaker in the IEEE conference series and is publishing information about the technology in the IEEE newsletter. 

Calvin believes that the Kleiman case has opened people up to Dr. Wright’s work in a big way. “The fictional cloud of fraud has been removed off of Craig’s shoulders, and as a result, the serious engineers who have been studying Craig’s technology feel that the reputational risk has also been removed and people have been reaching out to Craig and our community and we’ve got a lot more serious people directly involved, publicly.” 

 On the subject of Dr. Wright’s lawsuits, of which one more was announced last week, Calvin admits he wishes Dr. Wright didn’t have to spend his time on them and could instead focus on other things.

“Craig’s going to go down in history as one of the largest filers of patents in the world, if not the largest, and all the while doing it while he’s being attacked and forced to deal with this massive litigation overhead and continuing to do multiple university degrees at the same time,” he said. 

Despite this distraction, Calvin is clear that the main goal for the Convention is education. “All my focus is on educating people that can actually use this technology to solve big data challenges,” he says. 

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