Calvin Ayre makes sizeable investment in global blockchain patent leader nChain

[LONDON, 5 December 2019]  — nChain, the global leader in advisory, research and development of enterprise blockchain technologies, today announced that digital entrepreneur Calvin Ayre will join the company’s Strategic Advisory Board based on his longstanding involvement in the Bitcoin sector. Ayre will also be making a sizeable investment in nChain to further its role as a leader in development of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

nChain has to date filed over 900 blockchain-related patent applications. Of these patent applications, around 200 either already have or soon will reach granted status. Building on which, there are over 1,000 inventions in the innovation pipeline, many of which are expected to result in important new patent filings.

Ayre, the founder of CoinGeek Media and Ventures, has continued his interest in digital technology. Ayre called nChain “the world leader in chain-agnostic blockchain patents targeted at the tokenized-everything world, which is where we are all headed.”

Ayre added that he is “honoured to be allowed to take a position in nChain and to join their advisory board. I have seen nChain’s organizational and technical roadmaps and 2020 is going to be the year that everyone recognizes the power of this amazing organization.”

“We are excited to have Mr. Ayre as an nChain shareholder and advisor. Looking forward to 2020 we are planning for a rapid rise in enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, particularly those large-scale projects ideally suited to the Bitcoin SV scaling solutions that nChain is implementing”, said David Washburn, PhD, CEO of nChain. “Having a solid balance sheet will allow nChain to deploy significant resources to these infrastructure and enterprise projects, and deliver robust and timely products for our clients”.  

Much of nChain’s intellectual property applies to any blockchain, and some inventions can be leveraged in digital environments broader than blockchain. Nevertheless, nChain supports Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), which as the original Bitcoin has the stable protocol and massive on-chain scaling capacity to become the global enterprise blockchain of the future. 

nChain has played a pivotal role in building the BSV infrastructure allowing on-chain scaling capacity suitable for global enterprise development, as evidenced by the recent explosion in on-chain transaction volume, surpassing levels of well-known public blockchains. Today by transaction volume, BSV is the worlds largest public block chain and growth is accelerating. nChain intends to use its patent portfolio in ways that benefit the BSV ecosystem.

nChain is also committed to working with governments, regulators, businesses, developers to ensure a better understanding of the transformative potential of blockchain technology.


Established in 2015, nChain’s mission is to ignite global adoption and enterprise-level usage of Bitcoin, with its original design and protocol in Bitcoin SV. nChain Limited has access to one of the largest portfolios of research and intellectual property relating to blockchain and digital applications across all industries, allowing the company to help enterprise clients take advantage of blockchain technology. nChain has a workforce of over 80 people and growing.

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