Calvin Ayre announcement on Metanet

Calvin Ayre is all-in on Metanet, the better, more inclusive and dynamic internet

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Calvin Ayre is going all-in on Metanet, the game-changing fusion of enterprise blockchain, AI and IPv6 technologies.

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In a new video, Calvin Ayre—founder of Ayre Ventures, investor in enterprise blockchain tech firm nChain and (full disclosure) CoinGeek founder—reveals his commitment to realizing the promise of Metanet. Ayre defines Metanet as “an economically integrated online system that enables cost-effective, instant micropayments” that will lead to the development of “a better, more inclusive and dynamic internet.”

Ayre believes Metanet will usher in “the global democratization of access to data and services,” upending the current bureaucratic model and allowing “merit, innovation and the will to succeed” to become “the key factors in driving success.”

Metanet aims to bring about a profound shakeup of the existing digital economy. Ayre says the combination of “friction-free micropayments, equal access to information and cultivating economic inclusivity will transform global economies.”

All aspects of the internet, every single piece of online data, will be capable of monetization through cost-effective micropayments, while offering individual users greater control over how their personal online data is utilized.

Ayre has long been a supporter of the BSV Blockchain but he clarifies that his support is based on the fact that BSV is “the world’s only true unboundedly scaling, legally- and regulatory-compliant enterprise blockchain.” This ability to scale—coupled with BSV’s unrivaled ability to keep transaction costs measured in fractions of a cent—will be crucial to realizing Metanet’s potential.

Ayre notes that BSV is also the only network that can trace “an unbroken lineage to the Bitcoin Genesis block and has had a locked protocol since 2008, when Satoshi [Nakamoto] first published the white paper. This ensures that developers can work with confidence, knowing their creations won’t be rendered null and void by future arbitrary protocol changes.”

BSV’s commitment to scaling shows no signs of slowing down. The long-awaited tests of the Teranode upgrade currently underway are demonstrating its capacity to handle over one million transactions per second (TPS) via six long-distance virtual nodes without wobbling. This marks an exponential improvement over anything currently available through any established commercial network, including transaction processing giants Visa and Mastercard.

Ayre calls BSV “a critical component” of the Metanet tech stack but it’s only a single slice of this transformative pie. IPv6 has ushered in a new paradigm of IP addressing, one that can handle the expected 125 billion devices—including the increasingly ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) units—that are expected to be digitally connected by 2030.

This expansion will restore the internet’s original vision of a true peer-to-peer network, overthrowing the centralized model imposed by monolithic corporations that sought to route all internet traffic through proprietary IP hubs.

AI has its own role to play in Metanet, facilitating autonomous data transfers between all these devices. Immutable data stored securely on BSV will assist AI in confirming the veracity of information flowing between these devices. This will not only reduce the likelihood of malicious data contamination but also minimize the ‘hallucinations’ for which AI has become infamous.

Metanet’s individual components got plenty of play at last month’s London Blockchain Conference and Ayre is promising that next year’s event will shine an even brighter spotlight on the technology. The idea is to light a fire under developers by illustrating Metanet’s capabilities, then have them go off and craft new applications to harness the energy of this groundbreaking tech.

Ayre’s support for BSV hasn’t always endeared him to the wider ‘crypto’ community, but Ayre finds little common cause with those voices. For one thing, Ayre never promoted BSV as a get-rich-quick token scheme, nor does he think Bitcoin was developed as ‘digital gold’ for people to acquire and hoard.

Ayre’s view of Satoshi’s vision is that Bitcoin was meant to be used for the “wide variety of purposes for which it is uniquely capable.” BSV’s role in helping deliver Metanet’s promise is proof that Satoshi’s vision was correct.

Ayre closes by acknowledging his good fortune in enjoying success in a number of fields over his long business career, including his appearance on the cover of the Forbes ‘Billionaires’ issue in 2006. But he believes his support for realizing Metanet will ultimately prove his enduring legacy. It’s what drives him to pursue this goal of “bringing Metanet from the drawing board to the real world,” despite the slings and arrows of the ‘crypto’ mob. The prize is simply too great.

Those interested in learning more can sign up for the London Blockchain Conference newsletter here. The May 2025 event will be ground zero for the creation of Metanet in the world today.

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