BTC miners will be cut off from power in parts China's Yunnan

BTC miners will be cut off from power in parts China’s Yunnan

Officials in Yingjiang County are reportedly following up on early strict warnings to block reward miners operating illegally to halt operations within the region. These moves are the latest in Chinese authorities executing their crackdown on block reward mining in the country.

A report on Chinese social media by IT House claimed that digital currency miners had until August 24th to close operations and move mining hardware out of the power plants’ area. Afterward, hydropower stations would be prohibited from supplying energy to these companies and must “dismantle the big data workshops by themselves.”

The notice was issued by the Office of the People’s Government of Yingjiang County as part of an initiative to improve oversight on BTC mining operations. The directive orders all townships and Yingjiang farms to immediately notify hydropower stations within their jurisdiction to stop all illegal power supply to digital currency mining companies.

The punitive measures do not end here. Suppose miners or power stations fail to dismantle the operations within a reasonable time. In that case, country officials will instruct relevant departments to forcibly dismantle the operations and report the transgression to the State Energy Bureau to dismantle the hydropower station as well.

Further, the notice compels local municipalities and stations to increase supervision and report the dismantling of “large data plants of hydropower stations” to the County Development and Reform Bureau by yesterday’s deadline. The County Development and Reform Bureau will enhance law enforcement efforts to ensure hydropower stations eliminate the illegal power supply to block reward mining activities.

According to the report, additional provinces in China have also issued multiple notices requesting the completion of the clean-up and rectification of the electricity consumption of BTC mining companies.

Anhui Province, Sichuan Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have issued notices targeting blockchain company use of the local electricity grid. The Yunnan Provincial Energy Bureau earlier declared that it would seriously investigate and punish the illegal BTC mining companies relying on energy companies.

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