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BSV Blockchain Association partners with Timechain Labs to host blockchain event in India

Zug, Switzerland, 26 JULY 2022: BSV Blockchain Association is the lead sponsor for the first-ever Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit India, which will be held at The LaLiT Ashok in Bengaluru, India, on August 5. Bengaluru is the IT, innovation and start-up hub of India and referred to by many as the Silicon Valley of India. The event is being organized by Rohan Sharan and Mallikarjun Karra of TimeChain Labs, Parimal Priyadarshi of Nu10 Technologies, Kapil Jain of nChain, James Chacko of CEEDI, and KumaraGuru Ramanujam of Moneyswipe. Sharan and Ramanujam are the BSV Ambassadors for India at the BSV Blockchain Association.

The summit will focus mainly on India-stack and blockchain, scalability, IPv6 and IoT, micropayments, tokenomics, and their varied applications. A technical workshop demonstrating BSV blockchain-based products by participating companies will be held the following day, August 6.

“The key focus of the summit is showcasing how immutable time-stamping on a distributed public ledger at less than a hundredth fraction of a paisa (one-hundredth of an Indian Rupee) is going to democratise the internet and change the face of global commerce. And one of the great highlights of the summit is going to be a keynote address by Dr Craig S Wright, polymath, and the brain behind Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which is in no way, a cryptocurrency!” said Mallikarjun Karra, Director of TimeChain Labs.

Managing Director of the BSV Blockchain Association, Patrick Prinz said: “Sponsoring this event is a fantastic opportunity to educate developers and entrepreneurs on the benefits of developing on BSV whether that’s about P2P electronic cash, micropayments, immutable data ledger and secure end to end communication.”

“With blockchain summits taking place across the world, it is no surprise these BSV events are attracting more attention especially in countries like India. Interest has now grown into seeing what the blockchains utility and potential really is; for example, two of the courses* we run at the Association, one for entrepreneurs and one for developers have seen significant uptake from participants in India this year.”

Rohan Sharan, Founder and MD of Timechain Labs: “Being at the forefront of the traditional Fintech space and having successfully served almost a billion people through the laudable India Stack initiative, the next logical step for India would be to bridge these services with a legally compliant scalable blockchain. BSV can reduce the involvement of middlemen, tame corruption, and up productivity, especially in agriculture, where farmers lose most of their revenue to the intermediaries. This fits like a glove to the government’s drive to fight the monopoly of aggregators, and that of content distribution platforms plagued by fake news.”

Shortly after the summit, hosted personally by Prof. Shukla and his colleagues, Dr Wright will deliver a public talk at IIT Kanpur, one of the seven elite tech schools of India.

Other speakers include:

Lorien Gamaroff, CEO, Centbee, who will be jointly launching BitRupi, the BSV top-up widget developed by TimeChain Labs. BitRupi will be integrated with Centbee for the residents [users] in India.

Latif Ladid, Chair at 5G World Alliance & President, IPv6 Forum

Kurt Wuckert Jr., Chief Bitcoin Historian at CoinGeek

Robin Kohze, co-founder and CEO of Vaionex

Prof. Sandeep Shukla of IIT Kanpur, an Ivy league technical school in India and one of the country’s foremost experts on blockchain,

Nitish Mittersain, Founder of Nazara Tech—the biggest gaming tech company in India

Simit Naik, Director Commercial Strategy, nChain

The BSV Blockchain can manage unbounded amounts of data, stored on-chain at a low cost. Unlike the technology behind sites like Facebook and Instagram, applications built on the BSV Blockchain can be stored and monetized within the data ledger. BSV is also the greenest and most ecological blockchain on the planet as confirmed by Canadian auditors MNP in their recent report on the subject.

If you want to be part of the discussion or want to find out more about the BSV Blockchain register to attend the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit India.

About the BSV Blockchain Association

BSV is the ideal blockchain for enterprise and government projects. With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain meets the needs of large-scale technology applications: high transaction volumes, fast speed, predictable low fees, micropayment capabilities, and greater data capacity. Its powerful technical capabilities enable smart contracts, tokenization, IoT device management, computation and more. As a public ledger, BSV also enables transparency, auditability and more honesty for governments, citizens, and enterprises. Applications on BSV now span a wide array of industry sectors – media & entertainment, social media, online games, Metaverse/AR/VR, digital advertising, data integrity, ID management, government services, supply chain, accounting, RegTech, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, and financial services. BSV also supports an environment-friendly and regulation-compliant blockchain ecosystem that enterprises and governments want.

* The Bitcoin SV Academy offers many online courses to discover the technology powering the BSV Blockchain:

– For Entrepreneurs: https://bitcoinsv.academy/course/introduction-to-bitcoin-theory

– For Developers: https://bitcoinsv.academy/course/introduction-to-bitcoin-development

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