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BSV Association launches new report on the role of blockchain in safeguarding data and streamlining transactions

BSV Association is pleased to launch a new report focusing on the role of blockchain in safeguarding data and streamlining transactions.

Report: Navigating Digital Transformation: Building Trust in an Automated World The Role of Blockchain in Safeguarding Data and Streamlining Transactions

By 2030, it’s expected that some 125 billion digital devices will be connected around the world, sending and receiving data via the Internet and other wireless routes.

Data trust has always mattered, but never more so than in the new digital age, as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies make decisions autonomously — decisions that can help an enterprise thrive, or threaten its operations, revenue, and reputation.

Blockchain technology opens a window on trust. Using it, enterprises can see clearly where data originates, where it has travelled, and how it has changed along the way. Blockchain’s transparent, secure, and immutable digital ledger establishes reliability and confidence that a business’s devices and data are working as they should. This trust is essential for making the bold moves needed to stay ahead of the competition amid constant, increasingly rapid, digital transformation.

Not all blockchains are created equal, however. More than 500 blockchains have tried to establish digital trust since 2008. BSV is the first to scale trust reliably. The BSV blockchain’s design, which uses large blocks (comparable to pages in a record book), gives it the power to handle transactions at extraordinarily high volumes for much less cost than other blockchains.

The BSV blockchain’s innovative features give it the ability to support at least 1 million transactions per second, more than any other financial network. And as the number of transactions rises, the cost per transaction goes down – a feature unique to BSV. BSV blockchain gives your enterprise a leg-up over competitors.

Using it, your enterprise can more readily profit from new sources of revenue, reduce operating costs, and more swiftly incorporate new technologies—with complete confidence in your operations and transactions, while facilitating regulatory compliance. You’ll rest assured, knowing that your company can use and share its data as well as that of your business partners and customers with complete and utter trust.

Read the full report.

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