After bomb threat, Norwegian crypto mining firm faces closure over noise complaints

After bomb threat, Norwegian crypto mining firm faces closure over noise complaints

The worst is far from over for cryptocurrency mining company Kryptovault.

Barely a week after receiving a bomb threat, the Norwegian crypto mining firm is reportedly facing closure from local authorities. The Norwegian edition of The Local reported that one of Kryptovault’s facilities could be shut down after neighboring residents filed noise complaints against the company.

The crypto mining facility have been using large fans to cool down 9,500 mining rigs, which residents claimed created too much noise that kept them up at night. In fact, some residents said they had to move to bedrooms facing away from the facility, while others had to sleep with their windows closed even on hot summer nights to keep the noise out.

The news comes on the heels of reports that Kryptovault has received a bomb threat due to the noise from its crypto mining facility. The threat reads: “This is sabotage. If you are expanding cryptocurrency mining in the area and filling the area with noise and disturbing our peace, I will send you some explosives”.

The company had to take precautionary measures in all the facilities including Hønefoss, Follum, and Dale. The company informed the police about the bomb threat and asked its employees to be extra careful especially while in the Dale facility, as it is easily accessible compared to other Kryptovault facilities.

Kryptovault has agreed to take actions and reduce the noise sounds from the fans, including investing in noise-reducing equipment to help cut down noise levels, which are currently at 65 decibels to 45 decibels.

In addition to the noise complaint filed against the company, local reports indicate that the company has been running illegal operations and does not have the necessary documentation for its operation. A statement made by Arne Hellum, who is in charge of constructions cases in Ringerike Municipality, suggest that authorities will have to temporarily shut down Kryptovault’s operation in Hønefoss. He added that the facility would only be able to resume its operations once they get permits from the relevant authorities.

In response, Kryptovault CEO Stig Myrseth said the company started its operations after getting all the necessary licenses. He stated that the company had filed applications for the permits. However, the company is yet to receive the documentation.

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