Blockchain Intelligence Group CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

The three-day CoinGeek Live conference has showcased what’s possible on the massively scalable Bitcoin SV. One of the reasons behind its success were the great sponsors and we caught up with one of them—Blockchain Intelligence Group (CNSX: BIGG|OTC: BBKCF| WKN: A2JSKG)—to talk about their experience.

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what does Blockchain Intelligence Group do?

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) is a cryptocurrency forensics and compliance service provider. We’re the first global AML, compliance and analytic solution for BSV. Our comprehensive suite of tools provide training, real-time risk mitigation and cryptocurrency tracing capabilities that enables financial institutions, exchanges, law enforcement, government agencies and more to meet compliance and AML requirements.

We have four main services:

QLUE™ , a forensic cryptocurrency visualization platform that allows investigators to visually track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions.

BitRank Verified® , a scoring system that assesses the risk of crypto wallets and transactions by using a proprietary algorithm to scan for connections to nefarious and criminal elements.

Forensics, custom and flexible levels of expert cryptocurrency investigative services managed by a former Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations.

Crypto Investigator Training , a certifiable online or on-site course that covers the basics of cryptocurrency, insight into how crypto is involved in dark web and real-world investigation tactics on how to spot and analyze illicit crypto activity.

Who is your platform/service the perfect fit for and why?

Our platform and services are suited for law enforcement, financial institutions, banks, exchanges, government agencies, regulators, and more. Many compliance and AML professionals use our products. In short, we’re a great fit for organizations seeking confidence that funds being received or transactions do not originate from illicit sources, or for those looking for the tools that can better help investigate any suspicious activity within crypto transactions.

How do you envision your service being used in the Bitcoin and blockchain industry?

Our tools and services help fight against financial crime involving cryptocurrencies, whether that’s through proper training or our compliance suite of tools. (Bitcoin Association members can get 50% off our Certified Crypto Investigator training course till the end of October by emailing [email protected])

We help shed light and provide clarity on cryptocurrency transactions to help bring more accountability and security to the industry. Our tools help businesses satisfy AML, KYC and compliance requirements and equip organizations with the tracking and forensics mechanisms or services needed to investigate and stop crypto crime.

What are you and your team currently working on?

We’re constantly working on adding new features and support for more cryptocurrencies. An example of something we recently added is providing the ability to see omni-layer transactions in our QLUE product. Currently, we support BSV, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, all ERC20 tokens and additionally in BitRank we support XRP and XLM.

Making our graphing features more robust and adding additional filters to expedite an investigation is also always a top priority. Our address watch allows our users the ability to monitor millions of addresses simultaneously and we are updating this to allow greater definition within an alert profile.

We’re also happy to say that following the success and positive response we’ve seen from our Certified Crypto Investigator (CCI) course, that we’re working on an Advanced Certification course that will cover more technical crypto analytics, Advanced Cryptocurrency Analytics, Advanced Ethereum and more.

Is this your first time participating in CoinGeek Conference?

Yes, and I must say I found it really well organized. Amazing team behind the scenes.

What did you look forward to in the CoinGeek Live Conference?

It was great to be able to connect with the CoinGeek and Bitcoin Association audience, and hear my fellow speakers. It’s exciting to be part of this ecosystem.

What were your must-see presentations in the three-day conference?

For me the three were, ‘Regulation of Digital Assets & Digital Asset Businesses’, ‘Token Solutions on Bitcoin SV, Digital Currency’ & ‘Global Compliance: Tools & Tips for Exchanges, Wallets & Other Service Providers.’ I enjoyed all the presentations but if I had to pick three, those are the ones that stood out.

Why sponsor CoinGeek Live?

The BSV audience and ecosystem is unique in its advocacy for a lawful and regulation-friendly industry and we’re happy to help support, promote and advance that mission by providing tools that allow greater visibility into the top cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.

If there’s anything you want to add, please feel free to share.

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Watch Blockchain Intelligence Group President Lance Morginn at CoinGeek Live.

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