Blockchain firm Vanbex sues ex-contractor for defamatory statements

Blockchain firm Vanbex sues ex-contractor for defamatory statements

Canadian blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting firm Vanbex has filed a suit against one of its former contractors. The suit alleges that Kip Warner, who worked briefly with the firm, made false and defamatory statements against the firm.

Warner made the statements to one of his associates in the Vancouver Police Department. He also allegedly spread the false information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The suit was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. It alleges that Warner either made the statements knowing they were false or “alternatively, with reckless indifference to whether they were true or false, and for the main purpose of harming Kevin Hobbs, Lisa Cheng, and their company Vanbex.”

In a press release announcing the suit, Vanbex further pointed to Warner’s history of being a conspiracy theorist. In April last year, he was one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that accused Google of collecting information on its users without their consent. He is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, having written a long public letter to the government accusing a group of bankers with the horrific attacks.

The information that Warner gave to the authorities has caused great damage to the company, Vanbex further pointed out:

“Warner knew the information he gave them was false and misleading. The suit further alleges that based on false information provided and perpetuated by Mr. Warner, the British Columbia Director of Civil Forfeiture filed a claim against Vanbex. Hobbs and Cheng have vigorously denied the Director’s allegations.”

Due to the investigations, Vanbex has falsely been portrayed a crypto scam.

The founders, Hobbs and Cheng, concluded by reiterating that they would defend themselves and their employees against the malicious accusations:

“Vanbex has great employees and great products. We will defend ourselves vigorously with the truth. We will defend our business and the right to do our business. Our company is entirely lawful. We have acted properly. This is an insult to our 26 employees and their hard work.”

Last month, Canadian police reportedly froze assets owned by the company as part of its investigation against fraud committed by the firm. As we reported, the founders of the firm were looking at spending time in jail if the fraud claims were proven.

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