Blockchain document validator DOKKZ announces beta release

ZUG, Switzerland – 21 July, 2020 – Dutch software start-up DOKKZ B.V. today announces the beta release of its first product, DOKKZ, a subscription-based SaaS application that enables users to easily create trusted digital documents that can be easily validated by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

In the digital era, businesses can no longer rely on professionally printed stationery or watermarks as a tool to quickly establish the authenticity of documents. In short, altering or falsifying digital documents has become too easy and the process for validating documents too cumbersome. With a digital document, we simply can no longer assume that the content of the document is unchanged and in its original form. As a result, in a world in which we increasingly work remotely and virtually, we become increasingly vulnerable to many types of fraud and dishonesty.

DOKKZ enables its users to easily create trusted digital documents. Using the DOKKZ platform, users log in to their dashboard to register documents, where a checksum is extracted in the browser, ensuring that the contents of the document(s) remain private while extracting identifying metadata.

Additional information can also be added to provide context and clarify the purpose of the document when validated. The metadata is then registered and recorded to the Bitcoin SV blockchain to create an immutable record of the registration, establishing trust between parties when transacting digitally. Any information that can be designated as sensitive is stored off-chain to ensure compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

Once a document is registered, anyone that has received a copy of the original document can instantly verify the authenticity of a document by simply dragging and dropping it on – no account required. Upon validation, the registrant’s name and logo are made visible, along with the original document name, time of registration, context of the document, and direct access to the blockchain registration. By using Dokkz, users can quickly and easily establish the authenticity and trustworthiness of a digital document.

The beta release is available for use now at

Speaking on today’s release, DOKKZ B.V. CEO Donald Mulders commented:

‘What Dokkz does is allow people to easily create trusted digital documents. It offers a way where you can have an attestation of when and by whom a document was made, as well as a way to check whether it has been modified or tampered with by using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.’

‘The challenge that we took up in creating DOKKZ was to build a user-friendly product that anyone can use intuitively, regardless of their technical ability. DOKKZ was designed to be used in an office environment by people who may have never heard of Bitcoin, using the power of the technology without any of the complexity.’

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