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Bitstocks Gravity just got an upgrade

Bitstocks has improved its user experience by integrating a new liquidity provider. 

“Having a new liquidity provider for BSV enables Gravity to offer more competitive pricing and improved rates of successful execution, especially for large volume trades,” said Emmanuel Alamu, the Head of Product & Sales at Bitstocks.

With the new liquidity provider, Bitstocks users will be able to execute larger trades, at better prices, while experiencing higher rates of success when it comes to trade execution.

Why a new provider?

 Bitstocks went with a new liquidity partner because their previous liquidity partner was affecting Bitstock’s ability to provide its users with the best prices available with high degrees of certainty that their trade(s) would execute. 

“The previous provider had become unreliable at providing the levels of liquidity which we needed to sustain our platform,” said Alamu. “At peak periods of trading, we were experiencing unprecedented amounts of failed trades due to a lack of available BSV. This simply wasn’t delivering the first-class service our customers have come to expect.”

Interested in becoming a Bitstocks shareholder?

Bitstocks is currently in the midst of fundraising. Instead of going the traditional route and holding an investment round or seeking venture capital, Bitstocks launched a crowdfunding campaign that has been extremely successful so far. Bitstocks has blown through their fundraising target of £500,000 and has raised £888,991 from over 1,300 investors.

If you are interested in becoming a Bitstocks shareholder there is still time to invest! The campaign ends on Monday, February 8th. The price of one share is £3.60; however, the minimum investment size is £10.

You can find all the information you need to invest in Bitstocks on the Bitstocks crowdcube page.

What’s next?

After completing their fundraise, the Bitstocks team will continue working on getting a few items on their roadmap released to the public. For instance, the launch of the Bitstocks stablecoin, the launch of debit cards linked to user’s personal accounts, as well as the launch of financial products such as savings accounts and the ability to take out loans.

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