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Bitstocks forms an advisory board

On February 3rd Bitstocks announced the formation of its very first advisory board as well as its initial members. Among those members are several industry experts that work both inside and out of Bitcoin, including, Alex Agut CEO of Handcash, Josh Petty CEO of TwetchSerge Conesa CEO of Immersion4, Nassim Haramein CEO of Torus Tech, and Elena Meskhi CEO of of Elena Meskhi & Co.

“These are some of the sharpest minds in the space, both in that they’re experts in the technology and that every single one of them is pro-humanity,” said Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson, “That was a significant part of our selection process – choosing people who are smart and who put their money where their mouth is with what they’re building, but who are also building on behalf of humanity; they’re fighting the good fight.”

Why form an advisory board?

So why has Bitstocks formed an advisory board? According to Hudson

We want a review process of the technology that we’re building, to establish gold standards within the industry. We need people we trust to scrutinise it thoroughly – to battle test it, rip it apart, tell us if it’s any good. And tell us if certain parts are terrible! We need a feedback loop from trusted individuals around us who are experts on the technology and the industry, and who have integrity.

Bitstocks has many deliverables that are set to launch in the near future. Throughout the Bitstocks crowdfund campaign, the Bitstocks team hinted at a few of the items that are in the works, such as the launch of the Bitstocks stablecoin, the launch of debit cards linked to users personal accounts, as well as the launch of financial products such as savings accounts and the ability to take out loans. These may be just a few of the many products that the advisory board will battle test and provide feedback on.

“This year, we are making many things about the company more public, so we’re starting as we mean to go on – hence kicking off the year with our crowdfund and also announcing our Advisory Board,” said Bitstocks Senior Marketing & PR Manager Christa Ardley.

Being only two months into 2021, and having two big announcements in the books, we look forward to seeing what Bitstocks will announce next.

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