Bitcoin SV reaches 1.5 million new users in Torn City

There’s a domino effect when a new payment platform adopts Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a payment option. Not only does this give new utility for those looking to spend BSV, but it introduces countless new users to the original Bitcoin, and it’s superiority as a method for payment. Thanks to CoinGate’s adoption of BSV a few months ago, this phenomena is now happening with Torn City, a popular text-based massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

If you’re familiar with any kind of MMORPGs, then Torn City will be easy enough to understand. Much like World of Warcraft, the basics of Torn City are that you create a character, customize them, choose a path for your character, and accomplish goals alongside, or against, other players. The major differences between the two are that, rather than a fantasy setting, Torn sets the player in a violent, crime ridden city, and rather than requiring a high end computer to process colorful graphics, Torn is text based.

That’s not a step back; Torn was launched in 2003, and comes from a rich history of text based MMORPGs. It’s the same kind of game play that used to be popular on IRC based multi-user dungeons (MUDs), and has been done in countless other ways. The medium, thanks to its low barrier to entry and emphasis on gameplay rather than graphics, continues to hold solid audience, with Torn having nearly 40,000 users on a daily basis, and 1.5 million total registered players.

The game is free to join and play, so how does BSV come into the equation? Much like any free-to-play game these days, using CoinGate, users can donate BSV to the developers to keep the servers running, and continue development on new features. In return, the player receives in game items to help their progression.

BSV isn’t the only option players have of course, with PayPal and other options available too. But with CoinGate making the original Bitcoin a payment option to the game, thousands of daily users will now see it when they go to make their next donation, and they are likely to discover that it’s the cheapest, fastest option available to them.

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