Bitcoin SV now available in Brazil

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) is becoming the cryptocurrency of choice for users and developers worldwide. The ease of use, low transaction costs and developer-friendly ecosystem mean BSV is increasingly the natural choice for consumers, merchants and app developers.

Now, the flexibility of BSV has become available for users in Brazil, opening up access for millions of consumers and merchants for the first time.

The news comes following the decision of local cryptocurrency exchange 3xbit to list BSV, in response to growing demand for access to Bitcoin SV. As a result, exchange customers will now be able to buy and sell BSV through the platform, as well as being able to send BSV from their accounts.

The listing has been welcomed across social media, where the news has been well received by 3xbit users keen to access the technology and utility of BSV locally.

It comes at a time of increasing adoption worldwide, as more people switch on to the benefits of Bitcoin SV in affording low cost microtransactions, mass scale potential and fast processing times.

Bitcoin SV is the only cryptocurrency true to Satoshi’s original whitepaper vision, and the only cryptocurrency capable of handling efficient payments on a global scale. With the Brazilian rollout, BSV comes one step closer to fully global adoption.

In choosing to support Bitcoin SV, 3xbit becomes only the latest exchange to show support for the cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, the currency had jumped over 1.34% on the exchange on the day.

The news comes ahead of the upcoming Quasar upgrade, scheduled for July 24. The upgrade is set to make BSV truly unique in its utility model, and will minimize the need for cryptocurrency exchanges altogether. With access to an on and off ramp to fiat, the upgraded protocol is expected to help BSV reach mainstream traction even sooner, with its unique scaling potential setting BSV apart from the rest.

The decision from 3xbit to list BSV is already proving to be a good decision, at a time when numerous other exchanges worldwide are in the process of onboarding BSV for their users.

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