Bitcoin SV listing added to Brazilian exchange NovaDax

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is now supported by NovaDax, one of Brazil’s leading digital currency exchanges, in a move set to make BSV available to millions of users in Brazil for the first time.

The listing will see BSV trading pairs join the exchange, presenting NovaDax users with the flexibility to buy, sell and trade BSV through the platform.

The announcement comes as the latest in a series of leading international exchanges to list BSV. Just this week it was announced that BSV had been added to the RightBTC platform, while Japanese exchange Vite Labs announced it too was onboarding support for the cryptocurrency.

It follows suggestions from a number of other firms reported to be considering BSV listings, including Kraken and KuCoin.

NovaDax will initially offer four trading pairs for BSV—against BTC, ETH, Tether USDT and Brazilian Real. The listing will introduce BSV options to NovaDax’s existing user base in Brazil, at a time of rapid global expansion for the digital currency and its ecosystem.

NovaDax is part of the Abakus Group, a Chinese-owned holding company with some 160 million users around the world. The company also operates more than 10 separate business units, with a focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

According to a translation of the NovaDax press release announcing the listing, NovaDax welcomes the addition as an expansion of the portfolio of instruments open to their investors: “The NovaDAX platform is highly reliable and its technology allows for the best negotiations. In addition, it already operates with the other cryptocurrencies and is now including Bitcoin SV.”

It added, “…NovaDAX continues to consolidate itself in the market and seeks with this launch to increase its portfolio. Finally, investors will have many more options and will have a highly capable environment.”

The move is the latest expansion for Bitcoin SV, which continues to catch on around the world. Offering efficient, low-cost payments while facilitating microtransactions and fast processing through large block sizes, BSV is increasingly becoming the blockchain of choice for payment use cases, as well as those building apps on the BSV network.

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