The BCH Boys conduct an interview with Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV devs answer community questions with The BCH Boys

The BCH Boys have released a video interview they conducted with the lead developers behind Bitcoin SV, a full-node implementation of the Bitcoin BCH network. It provides unique insight on the importance of the implementation and is a great source of data for everyone ahead of the November upgrade to the Bitcoin BCH blockchain. The entire interview is available on Keyport and provides an in-depth view of why Bitcoin SV was created and where it’s going.

Participating in the interview were nChain developers Steve Shadders and Daniel Connolly. Shadders is the company’s Director of Solutions and Engineering, as well as Bitcoin SV technical director, and Connolly is Bitcoin SV’s lead developer. The two are the major influences into the design of the project and have worked diligently to ensure that Bitcoin SV is ready for mass distribution.

Questions were offered by users on the Reddit social media platform and fielded by both professionals. They discussed a variety of details related to the testing and eventual rollout of Bitcoin SV and how they ensured that enough testing had been conducted to feel comfortable that it would be capable of performing all of the functions that the team had anticipated.

There has been a lot of discussion about the future of Bitcoin BCH as an ecosystem, as well as how it should be developed behind the scenes. Bitcoin SV is designed to help right the ship and to force developers to stop using the blockchain as a testing ground. Both Shadders and Connolly indicate that one of the major issues solved by the platform is the reduction of discussion on consensus issues, with a focus on allowing the network to evolve as a foundation for a true peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

When asked about whether or not the November upgrade will result in a split, the answer, as previously been emphasized by CoinGeek and others, the split is virtually a non-issue. The changes being introduced will not make a difference—they’re a necessary component to create a consensus and will not lead to a split in the blockchain.

There is much more valuable data included in the interview—more than could be summarized here. Anyone who wants to better understand Bitcoin SV and how it is going to shape the future of Bitcoin BCH needs to watch the video and gain the knowledge necessary to make an educated conclusion on how Bitcoin BCH is going to progress.

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