Bitcoin for Gambling resource now available on

News outlet has launched a new section that seeks to enable people to integrate and use BSV in gambling. The Bitcoin for Gambling section offers insights, tips and resources on how BSV can transform your gambling experience.

For years now, Bitcoin has been touted as the solution to the challenges ailing the gambling industry. However, most companies in the space are still yet to fully exploit it, with most lacking the necessary insight on how to integrate Bitcoin into their operations.

Bill Beatty, editor-in-chief of, explains the idea behind the new Bitcoin for Gambling section:

“A gambling company is only as reliable as its payments, Bitcoin SV makes it fast, cheap and straightforward to make deposits and process withdrawals without friction,” Beatty said.

“One of the overlooked and somewhat unexplained aspects of Bitcoin SV is the technology’s functionality beyond just payments. We started the Bitcoin for Gambling section to help explain to the gambling industry how that extra functionality can help businesses make more money, save money and create efficiencies in their operations.”

In the new section, will offer these businesses the resources they require to make Bitcoin SV part of their businesses.

The section will contain five categories, each geared towards a specific group in the gambling industry. They include the ‘Players’ section that will cater to the consumers. This section will guide them on how to set up a Bitcoin wallet, load it and use BSV to replace the existing payment methods.

The ‘Operators’ section will cater to the gambling operators, offering insight on the benefits of adopting Bitcoin SV into their operations. It will also offer them guidance on how best to integrate Bitcoin SV into their business.

The ‘Content Providers’ and ‘Gambling Service Providers’ sections will offer resources that will enable these operators to get the most out of Bitcoin SV in their businesses.

The final section will list consultants, service providers, exchanges and other businesses that can help your business to integrate BSV and get the most out of Bitcoin in your gambling operation. will constantly add resources, listings and articles regularly to the new sections, allowing you to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends and developments in the Bitcoin-for-gambling sector. Moreover, it will directly work with your company, assisting you to integrate Bitcoin SV into your gambling operation.

“We’ll be adding more articles, and we’re open to contributions from consultants and business working with Bitcoin SV and can offer their assistance and guidance in growing Bitcoin SV’s integration in the gambling industry,” Beatty said.

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