Bitcoin Faucet review: Onboarding the world to Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Faucet review: Onboarding the world to Bitcoin SV

Since its launch a decade ago, Bitcoin has revolutionized many industries. While some of its greatest challenges such as scalability have been solved, there are others that are yet to be addressed. One of the greatest challenges is onboarding new users onto Bitcoin, which ironically, is the most basic one. Bitcoin Faucet seeks to change this, endeavoring to find new ways to bring more people aboard the Bitcoin movement.

The onboarding challenge has continued to keep hundreds of millions of people from accessing Bitcoin. While purchasing Bitcoin on an exchange is still an option, plenty of challenges make it unviable. Many banks bar crypto purchases and in some regions, crypto exchanges have little presence.

And while individual applications have continued to work towards onboarding users to their platforms, the All Aboard team has been striving to make it easier for them to do so.

All Aboard offers developers programmable faucet bots which greatly simplify the process of building Bitcoin-enabled applications. Developers can create cloud-based web applications in minutes using the All Aboard Faucet API.

Using Google’s Firebase, a developer can easily create a Bitcoin-enabled application in minutes. First, you have to log in to your Firebase account and create a new project. In the billing section, you’ll have to enable the “Pay as You Go” option, which is necessary to make external could function requests.

After installing the Firebase Command Line Interference (CLI), initialize the project. The necessary Firebase settings to host a static website with serverless cloud functions can be found on All Aboard’s Github repository.

Once you generate a new Faucet API key on the All Aboard website, you can deploy the code and functions. And in these easy steps, your own custom Bitcoin-enabled application will be up and running.

The All Aboard platform enables developers to build applications on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, the only blockchain that enables massive enterprise-level scaling. BSV also facilitates micro-transactions due to its extremely low transactional fees and settles transactions in seconds. This has made it the blockchain of choice not just for users, but for developers as well. And with development tools being made easily accessible by Bitcoin Faucet, building on the leading global blockchain will be easier than on any other platform.

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