Bico.Media makes storing files to Bitcoin SV easy

The team behind Bico.Media has made it easier than ever to store data on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.  

Bico.Media is a gateway for content creators to manage static data on top of the BSV blockchain. The startup recently announced they added the ability to add files to the BSV blockchain with zero clicks on, thanks to a collaboration with blockchain technology firm Money Button

The process is straightforward. All users have to do is drag the file to the Bico Media page or select it from the file finder page. Data is added to the Bitcoin ledger the moment a user select and drop the files. The file will then be permanently preserved on the BSV blockchain, with the user’s signature, and there’s nothing anyone can do to erase it

All users need to get started is to create an account with Money Button, then confirm access to part of their Money Button wallet. The service can overcome any speed limit users might encounter with Money Button. 

Adding a folder is just as easy. The team has built a beta platform where users can store folders to the Bitcoin network with one click. Users of the beta site will notice faster upload speeds, and it comes with the ability to download all links afterward. Files must be smaller than 288MB, and the fee is 0.5 sat/B. 

Before using the services, uses should know that the text files must be utf-8 encoded. Any file larger than 0.097MB is stored in Bcat formatted transactions

Additional features of the beta include:

• Pay as you go: start adding files without having all funds ready. Good for live crowdsourcing.

• Reliable interaction with the blockchain using multiply endpoints to spread the load.

• It will resume a file where it stopped if you close the browser and start again.

• Download information about links to the content added.

Some beta enhancements planned for the future include:

• Avoid speed reduction when browser windows are not active.

• Provide data as OP_PUSHDATA

• Let user set fee level

• Verify if the content already exists on the blockchain

• Let content be gzip’ed before added to the blockchain

• Support setting encoding per file

• Mimic folder structure on-chain to support relative links

I encourage users to read through the notes on the page before trying the services. It dissuades users from using the service to store illegal content. They can reach the team at [email protected] to share any input or offer feedback. 

The Bitcoin SV blockchain continues to enjoy a fruitful era with a growing economy and more startups than ever before. With a healthy ecosystem to support startups, including resources, incubators, and funding, it will only continue to grow. 

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