Best Bitcoin podcasts 2019 to help you dive deeper into blockchain and crypto

Best Bitcoin podcasts 2019 to help you dive deeper into blockchain and crypto

In an era where people want to get information on the go, podcasts have become very popular. They allow you to become informed and entertained whether you are in traffic on your way home, relaxing after a long day or taking your morning jog. In the crypto community, plenty of podcasts have sprung up in recent years which keep us in the know on what’s happening in the fast-moving industry. However, for every great podcast, there are several others whose content is below par. Thus, landing your hands on the best crypto podcasts is crucial and we are here to help with that.

Here are some of the best Bitcoin podcasts 2019:

CoinGeek Conversations

Easily one of the best podcasts in the Bitcoin industry, CoinGeek Conversations dives into all the developments taking place in the ecosystem, breaking them down to give you a good grasp of where the industry is headed. CoinGeek’s Charles Miller sits down with some of the most important people in the industry, from innovators to investors and discusses the technology, the challenges and the way forward for the industry.


CoinGeek Conversations is the only podcast that interacts every so often with the creator of Bitcoin, Dr. Craig S. Wright. You can catch the weekly podcast on all the popular podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Castbox.


The Unchained Podcast has established itself as a top destination for anyone who wants the inside scoop on crypto. The podcast is hosted by Laura Shin, a senior contributor for Forbes and a respected voice in the crypto community. Shin manages to find the balance between technical topics for those who’ve been in crypto for a long time and lighter topics for the newbies.


Shin also hosts the Unconfirmed Podcast, a similar podcast to Unchained but which deals with issues from a more general point. It’s just as good and is quickly gathering a huge following.

The Tokenomics Podcast

With the number of cryptocurrency projects being in the thousands, you need a podcast that can help you make sense of it all, understand what projects are worth investing in and avoid fraudulent projects. The Tokenomics Podcast does this perfectly. The podcast is hosted by Jack Laskey and Zach Resnick from Unbounded Capital and dives deep into crypto investment, informing you of all the emerging trends, the unique opportunities and the market movements. The show focuses on the tokenomic structure of these new distributed business models. It’s especially attractive to crypto newbies as it breaks down complex topics into simple and easy-to-understand facets.


The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Being one of the oldest crypto podcasts, The Bitcoin Podcast has the largest catalogue on this list. Unlike the others which are hosted by one individual, the network has a number of podcasts and other media related to crypto. The podcasts include Just the Headers, Hashing it Out, A Dose of Ether and Announcements. The hosts are from diverse fields including mathematics, software engineering, cryptography, journalism and computer science.



Founded by Dallas-based venture capitalist Kanth Miriyala, the CryptoKnights podcast is one of a few shows that cater to both the crypto enthusiasts and the innovators. Whether you just want to understand blockchain technology or are interested in launching your own crypto startup, this is the podcast for you. Miriyala, with his team of five co-hosts, discusses both the tech and business side of the industry and keeps you informed on the latest market trends. And while many shows dwell on events in major markets such as the U.S and Japan only, CryptoKnights explores crypto trends globally including in regions where cryptos are still trying to gain a foothold.


Coin Mastery

Are you interested in learning about the news making headlines in the industry, how they affect the industry and what the future holds? Then this is the podcast for you. Coin Mastery is a popular podcast hosted by Carter Thomas that delves into all things crypto, from the price swings, to investment strategies and more. The podcast does sometimes dwell too much on the price movements at the expense of the tech advancements which might not appeal to some, but for the traders, this is the place to be.


Bitstocks Podcast

There aren’t many podcasts that dissect the industry as well as the Bitstocks Podcast does. The podcast is a media channel of Bitstocks, London’s first crypto market advisory firm. This podcast goes beyond the shallow topics and discusses the real vision of Bitcoin, how blockchain technology is transforming diverse industries and more.


The podcast also has probably one of the best roster of guests in the industry. Some of the previous guests include Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig Wright, Bitcoin entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen, nChain CTO Steve Shadders and more.

The Bad Crypto Podcast


An ironic name for one of the best crypto podcasts. The Bad Crypto Podcast is quite compelling, especially since the hosts, Travis Wright and Joel Comm, approach the industry from a light-hearted point of view. The two hosts aren’t crypto experts and thus, they are more relatable, especially for nascent crypto enthusiasts.

The podcast doesn’t limit its topics range and therefore you’ll find discussions on how to make money from crypto, how Trump is affecting the industry, how the global economy could collapse and anything in between. As a bonus, the two hosts are some of the most hilarious people you’ll ever listen to.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

best-bitcoin-podcasts-2019-to-help-you-dive-deeper-into-blockchain-and-crypto_biycoin knowledgeWrapping up the list is The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast, a show hosted by Trace Meyer, an investor, journalist and monetary scientist. The podcast attracts some big names in the industry who discuss the trends in the industry and what the future holds. Unlike some other shows on this list, Meyer’s podcast doesn’t dwell on the news or price analysis, choosing to instead focus on the bigger picture and how blockchain integration is impacting the world.

Bitcoin and Beyond

A notable mention is Bitcoin and Beyond, hosted by Connor Murray. While not a podcast, this YouTube channel is passionate about spreading BSV around the world and why it’s the only platform that can solve the world’s economic challenges. Murray has interviewed prominent figures and thought leaders in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including Dr. Craig Wright, Jimmy Nguyen, Alex Agut of HandCash, and Ryan X. Charles of Money Button, among others.

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