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Bataan gov’t, nChain aim for the Philippines golden digital age: Watch the highlights here

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The Philippines is making a major shift toward digitalization, following the directives of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. who wants his administration to look into integrating breakthrough technologies in every aspect of Filipino lives.

In this highlights video, we’ve compiled some of nChain’s recent initiatives to support the government of Bataan—and eventually, the Philippines—in its digitalization efforts.

Starting with a deal and an MOU

nChain first made its presence in the Philippines known at the Global Blockchain Summit 2022 in Bataan, where leaders in the BSV blockchain ecosystem, including nChain Executive Chairman Stefan Matthews, witnessed how the province and the Southeast Asian country are embracing blockchain technology.

Following the event, nChain cemented its partnership with the Provincial Government of Bataan in January with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a digital platform and streamline its government processes with blockchain.

Upping up the ante with blockchain workshop and a conference

The global blockchain solutions firm didn’t stop there. In May, they conducted a blockchain workshop with Bataan delegates in Zug, Switzerland, to help the officials learn first-hand how the tech, particularly the BSV blockchain, can change the province and the whole Philippines.

Bataan’s Governor Jose Enrique Garcia III, who was one of the attendees of the two-day workshop, said, “We’re very excited with what we’ve learned with the blockchain technology and how this can help our province.”

“We’ve had plans on how our citizens need more efficient services. And I believe through the use of technology, through the help of nChain, what we’ve learned the past two days, there are some things we’ll be able to do for them in the near future,” he added.

Delegates from the Bataan province were also invited to the London Blockchain Conference, along with other representatives from the Philippine government, who showcased the eGov Super App as well as the latest digital developments in the Southeast Asian Country. Stephanie Tower, Business Development Lead for nChain Philippines, says the country is “at the forefront of the next digital frontier” as they look at leveraging blockchain for e-governance, digitization, micropayments, tokenization, and more.

Currently, the Philippine government integrates up to seven to complete government transactions, and with the help of emerging technologies, these processes would be reduced significantly. The MOU, partnerships, and workshops are only the beginning of nChain’s effort as they assist Bataan—and the Philippines—toward digitalization.

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