BANZAI (万歳)! Japan takes legal plunge on Bitcoin

The most important step in Bitcoin’s evolution will be when your local shop/pub/restaurant accepts the currency i.e it’s everywhere, it’s normal, it’s what people use nowadays. Sure, that maybe a while off right now but a Government entity of an economic powerhouse such as Japan recognizing Bitcoin as a payment method is one huge leap forward.

Was it unfortunate that this came out on April Fool’s Day? Probably, but the important thing is that it’s not fake news, not an April Fool but a stone-cold reality. Once a Government of Japan’s repute rubber-stamps Bitcoin others will follow. They hate to be left behind, you see. They always want to be seen to be on trend. That’s why we often see cringing announcements by politicians saying they like [insert name of cool band/rapper of the moment here].

For many folk who’ve been wondering whether to take the plunge and buy Bitcoin this was the moment, and that saw the value trade up once more. The future looks hot CoinGeeks!

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