Bangladesh uses $208M to send graduates abroad for blockchain training

Bangladesh uses $208M to send graduates abroad for blockchain training

Three hundred Bangladeshi graduates are set to go to Japan and India for training in emerging digital fields. These new graduates, in the field of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, software and computer sciences are eligible to apply for consideration through a government website.

Reportedly, the program will be done in two groups. The first group, consisting of 200 graduates, will be trained on future trends of Information Technology. The second group, consisting of the remaining 100 graduates, will be trained on blockchain technology, among other emerging digital technologies. These include Artificial Intelligence (IA), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Data Science and Cyber Security.

The Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Division is to run the program. According to a public notice posted on their website, the ICT division will administer a formal exam to the applicants to select qualified candidates. These applicants, however, are to meet the minimum requirement of being a recent graduate of the chosen fields and be under 32 years of age. The government is to offset all the expenses.

Md Golam Mostafa, a Joint Secretary of the ICT division and the Project Director stated:

These technologies will lead the world economy in the coming days and that is why the government gave priority to it aiming for faster growth of digitalization. We have selected some topics which are quite new to us and a huge number of engineers will be required in this filed in the coming days.

Another official, who sought to remain anonymous also, remarked that unlike the usual practice of sending public servants abroad for training, this initiative is a rare and unique opportunity. This time round the graduates would come back to train other people.

To fund the project, the government of Bangladesh will use a portion of crore fund ($208 million) created in association with an Indian line of credit. This project is involved in creating 12 ICT districts and hi-tech parks.

In July 2019, The Rio Branco Diplomatic Academy of Brazil made it a requirement for new diplomats to have knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and study the same at their institution. This goes further to show how knowledge on blockchain technology is becoming indispensable.

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