Ambrosus Joins United Nations Sponsored ‘One Planet Network’ and Establishes Partnerships with Blendhub and Flatev to Drive Sustainability and Transparency in the Food Supply Chain

Ambrosus joins UN-sponsored ‘One Planet Network’

Dublin, Ireland — October 22, 2018 Ambrosus, the world’s leading blockchain and IoT platform for quality assurance in food and pharmaceutical supply chains, has been accepted and formally recognized as a partner to the United Nations’ One Planet Network. Its membership as one of the first blockchain companies in the Consumer Information Program of the One Planet Network will help drive sustainability in the consumption and production of food through the use of digital ledger technology.

In line with the aims set out by the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) provides Ambrosus with a collaborative and strategic environment to interact with various stakeholders in order to better promote sustainable practices to the end-consumer. Made up of more than 40 of the world’s most influential agencies — including the European Commission Directorate General for the Environment, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, and the UN-backed International Trade Centre — the Consumer Information Programme is the world’s most important forum for promoting sustainable, quality, and eco-friendly products to the end consumer.

Angel Versetti, Co-Founder and CEO of Ambrosus, said: “Joining the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet Network is a significant achievement for the growth and expansion of AMB-NET. By working alongside government representatives, non-governmental organizations, and some of the most innovative enterprises around the world, Ambrosus can integrate into a prominent network of concerned stakeholders intent on providing consumers with much-needed information about the quality and journey of their products. As a pioneer of blockchain and internet of things technology, Ambrosus will provide unique technological solutions for some of the most sophisticated problems surrounding food sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.”

In a further step towards transparency in the food supply chain, Ambrosus has also partnered with Blendhub, the world’s first decentralized food production network concentrated on powdered foods, and Flatev, a consumer-oriented snacking and baked goods company. Blendhub will leverage Ambrosus’ sensor technology and blockchain network to track ingredients, raw materials, and end products from primary source to destination, guaranteeing proof of quality throughout the supply chain.  Ambrosus’ partnership with Flatev, meanwhile, will see the companies work together to redefine the quality and transparency standards behind home-baked goods.

Both Ambrosus and Flatev were recently selected by the European Institute of Technology as rising Food Stars and  their combined solution enables Flatev’s capsule information to be read by a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader and immediately connect with a consumer interface (iPAD).

Angel Versetti, CEO of Ambrosus, said: “It is always exciting to have the opportunity to collaborate with a consumer-oriented companies like Blendhub and Flatev. Through our partnership with Flatev, consumers around the world will have access to information about the condition of their bread-making ingredients, allowing for an unprecedented level of transparency. In addition, our work with Blendhub will help to further guarantee the quality and traceability of powder-based foods. Together, these partnerships serve to increase the scope and applicability of the Ambrosus ecosystem, inaugurating a new standard of quality assurance that food supply chains from all around the world will stand to benefit from. “

For Blendhub, Flatev and Ambrosus, these partnerships will raise the standard for safely and sustainably sourcing ingredients and produce for the home. At the same time, integrating AMB-NET into a globally applicable powdered food technology guarantees industry diversity. With such solutions, details about specific ingredients used every day in homes around the world can be easily accessed by both consumers and retailers in order to provide more transparency in the kitchen and more natural produce overall.  Altogether, the three partnerships expand the scope of the Ambrosus ecosystem into international networks, specialized technological solutions for powdered food, and the end-consumers’ kitchens. With quality assurance as its core priority, Ambrosus continues to orient its cutting-edge blockchain and IoT platform to the benefit of the end-consumer.

Ambrosus Co-Founder and CEO Angel Versetti is available for interview

About Ambrosus:

Ambrosus is a decentralised IoT network for next generation supply-chains. Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, Ambrosus is building a universally verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and origins of products.

Founded in 2017 by Angel Versetti and Dr Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus seeks to set the global standard for decentralized supply chain management and provide quality assurance in enterprise IoT ecosystems. Ambrosus’ primary focus is on improving supply chains for life-essential products, specifically food and medicine, although the protocol can be applied to almost any complex supply chain.

Ambrosus boasts partnerships with  significant global bodies and associations including the United Nations 10YFP,  the Crypto Valley Association, Swiss Food Research, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Swiss Coffee Alliance.

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