Charles Miller - Senior Producer at Coingeek - Interview #33 with the Women of BSV

‘All wrongs of society are not exactly being solved by tech’: CoinGeek’s Charles Miller catches up with Women of BSV

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In a recent conversation with Women of BSV, CoinGeek’s Senior Producer Charles Miller talked about his experiences as a former producer with BBC and his transition into the Bitcoin world. An avid reader and a pro in producing and making documentary films, Miller says he learned most things in life from books. He is currently reading the notebooks of Nathaniel Hawthorne, in which he narrates his (American) view on Britain in the 1850s. 

With a myriad of documentary filmmaking production experience under his belt, Miller also made films about the early years of the internet—the dotcom bubble

After a long tenure at BBC, Miller joined CoinGeek in 2018 and has since taken the Bitcoin and blockchain world in stride. He hosts a weekly show CoinGeek Conversations, and is fascinated by the concept of small businesses inventing new ideas—a concept quite prevalent in the digital currencies space. 

When asked about his take on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as far as governments intentions are concerned, Miller told Women of BSV that it is a central bank’s digital currency and they can print as little or as much as they (governments) want. 

“If you want to stimulate an economy, then you need to get money into people’s pockets as quickly and directly as possible. In the end, the country’s currency still depends on people’s view of the dependability and reliability of the government,” he said. Any new technologies, Miller continued, be it canals, railways, or others, were supposed to solve all sorts of social problems and are advertised as the answer to all the current social issues, but “we usually don’t really see it that way.”

“Even the internet that has had a massive influence on everyone’s lives, we don’t think—Oh, what a much better world we live in now! We just feel it’s different and we can do the things we couldn’t do before. All wrongs of society are not exactly being solved by technology,” he noted.

HandCash and Centbee are among his favorite apps in the BSV space, he told Women of BSV. Miller unhesitatingly vouches for Jeff Bezos as an example of a successful entrepreneur because he said, they “created a proof of concept in a way that their customers were so satisfied that they told everyone about their services.” 

“A good business is usually when you start small but became an example much bigger. They started with books but it expanded beyond just books later,” he said.

How would you advise the BSV community? “I would like to see an easy way of putting something like a sketch/drawing onchain, knowing where it is, being able to get back to it, sending it to people and having some sort of control over things in a very user-friendly manner,” Miller answered. 

“The BSV community needs to get to the bottom of things with regards to how to get things on-chain,” he added.

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