ABS2020 CEO Andrew Fai: Blockchain needs leaders

One of the major events in the blockchain space is edging closer, and this year, the focus will be on blockchain adoption. The Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 (ABS2020) is taking place from July 15-19, and for the first time, the entire event will be virtual.

ABS2020 is expected to draw over 200 speakers and over 20,000 attendees, pooled from more than 50 countries globally. This year’s edition will be the first one held virtually.

The summit attracted some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, and this year will be no different. The main guest will be astronaut Chris Hadfield, and every attendant will be catered to as the event features over 200 other speakers, ABS2020 CEO Andrew Fai told CoinGeek.

If you’re interested in blockchain adoption, speakers from Mastercard, VISA, PwC, De Beers and more will be there for you. Those interested in digital currencies will have speakers from CoinGecko, OKEx and more. If you’re interested in regulations, the SEC’s ‘Crypto Mom’ will be there, as well as the European Commission, the U.N and more.

The summit will focus on seven themes, each geared towards the overall focus—blockchain adoption. The themes include blockchain for industries, deep tech, entrepreneurship, regulations and social impact.

The tickets for the event are in three categories: Earth, Moon and Mars. Earth ticket holders can attend the event virtually for free, but with limited features. For the other two categories, there will be extra benefits, including access to workshops, demos, AMA sessions and online meetups. Moon and Mars ticket holders will also be able to interact with the speakers and other attendees with similar interests.

Organizing a virtual event has been hectic, Fai told CoinGeek. One of the biggest challenges has been coordinating the activities between several people in different time zones. However, Fai said virtual events will have a place in the future, even after the pandemic passes. He predicts that this will become a category of its own, especially since it allows more people to attend and interact.

ABS2020 couldn’t have come at a better time, Fai believes. “The Summit comes at a time when the need for leadership in the blockchain industry is at its peak. Blockchain needs leaders,” he said.

He is confident that the summit will give birth to stronger leadership in an industry that’s still finding its feet and that some of the ideas, projects and partnerships forged in the conference will be a bedrock for the future success of blockchain technology.

Visit the ABASummit website to sign up and learn more about the conference. CoinGeek community can register invite-only tickets with code <COINGEEK.ABS> at: https://abasummit.io/tickets/.

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