2 firms join to build mobile data centers from shipping containers

As the world begins to grapple with how to be more environmentally conscious, one of the biggest critiques of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has been its sustainability. To help that effort, Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV) has announced a partnership with SG Blocks to create decentralized data centers out of shipping containers.

In their press release, the companies tout they will build low-cost, decentralized and innovative data centers, with the first prototype units ready at the end of 2019. They expect to have a volume of up to 200 units in 2020.

SG Blocks, which previously already focused on “code-engineered cargo shipping containers,” will build the units, and BHCV will focus on creating sales distribution channels.

Paul Galvin, CEO of SG Blocks, said in the announcement:

“We’re proud to partner with Blockchain Holdings and begin working with them to create safe, durable data centers. The acceleration of data usage is creating a huge demand for new types of data centers and is a natural extension of SG Blocks’ expertise. We look forward to delivering results for Blockchain Holdings as soon as later this year.”

Besides the environmentally friendly move to use shipping containers, these new units will be attractive to companies that need low cost, flexible solutions for their data centers. A big selling point is that each unit can be relocated easily to a new location, allowing businesses to pick up and move if energy prices surge in one region, but stay a reasonable truck or boat ride away. The modular nature of the units also allows a company to scale-up easily, like say when the market improves.

This is a handy solution for businesses involved with cryptocurrency mining, which have had to gamble on fixed locations for their mining set-ups, and the energy costs and regulations of the area they’ve chosen.

Every little bit that helps make crypto mining more sustainable will be to the benefit of us all. This innovative way of building new data centers is another small step in that beneficial direction.

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