Zero HP Lovecraft’s new book now available on Canonic

Zero HP Lovecraft’s new book now available on Canonic

The author of the vastly popular The Gig Economy has published a new book, and it’s now available on Canonic. The new book by Zero HP Lovecraft will come with a tradable non-fungible token (NFT) and the option to redeem the NFT for a leather-bound collectible book.

“The Gig Economy,” explored the horror that the quickly-evolving technology, including blockchain, can unleash once combined with capitalism and the Internet. The book was highly rated by critics and readers alike. Lovecraft has been described as “the most important fiction writer on Weird Right Twitter.”

The pseudonymous author’s other books include God-Shaped Hole,” which explores the future world of robots and augmented reality, sci-fi-focused The Green New Deal,” and fan-fiction Eventual Consistency.”

His newest book, titled They Had No Deepness of Earth,” is now available for purchase on Canonic, the marketplace where authors can self-publish on Bitcoin and get paid in BSV.

The book is a collection of “eldritch and hair-raising tales pertinent to the increasing proportion of techno-industrial surplus being spent to mask bio-capital deterioration.” As with his previous work, the new book contains a dose of horror delivered in a subtle and methodical manner from a dystopian and futuristic world view.

“They Had No Deepness of Earth” is already receiving excellent reviews, with VICE’s Alex Kaschuta describing it as a tale of “inclusion, belonging and the brotherhood of man written by our generation’s foremost empath.”

Making the purchase on Canonic gets you the ebook and a tradable NFT that you can redeem for a leather book.

Canonic is the first platform that allows users to self-publish on Bitcoin SV. Its CEO and founder Ardian Tola announced on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream earlier this year that Canonic had launched NFTs to accompany book purchases, a feature that Lovecraft made use of. The first book to sell with an NFT was I Know This Sounds Crazy” by Kayley Kling.

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