Xoken Labs Announces Ultra-Scalable Node Infrastructure: Xoken Vega

October 1, 2020 – Xoken Labs, a Bitcoin SV infrastructure company, is announcing Xoken Vega, a new Bitcoin SV node implementation. Xoken Vega is a distributed transaction processing node which allows operators to scale-out by adding resources indefinitely. Xoken Vega’s innovative Zero-confirmation Transaction Input (ZTXI) algorithm allows for chained transaction validation in logarithmic time, a breakthrough which solves a well known problem in BSV app development, a limit on chained transactions. Xoken Vega offers unlimited chained transactions, massively parallel transaction processing, and a host of other unique salient features. Xoken Vega is the first BSV node implementation which makes use of a High Performance Computing (HPC)cluster architecture with a high performance interconnect – Fabric which leverages specialized hardware, thus providing near-linear scalability.

Xoken Vega will open source certain core modules, but the complete node software will be available under a commercial enterprise license for the Main net. The Vega node will include advanced analytics with exclusive logins and a dashboard for miners and enterprise customers. Advanced controls will be available to configure contracts with peer miners and enterprises for transaction sharing and block propagation.

A free download will be available for the testnet/regtest. Applications can also utilize Xoken Nexa, a blockchain indexing and SPV service designed to scale applications and make use of Xoken Vega’s capabilities. Xoken Vega is planning a release in Q1 2021. For more information, please visit Xoken.org.

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